Posted by: anniewilson | February 2, 2005

Who Wants to be a Sugar Daddy?!

Welcome to the premier of Who Wants to be a Sugar Daddy! Where contestants vie for the opportunity to take care of some of Rick’s responsibilities and the chance to make some of Meg’s dreams come true! Meg has been chosen out of all of the women who sit at her computer to be the World’s First Sugar Daughter!!!!!!! Men from all over the internet will compete with their minds and their wallets!!!! They will submit their responses by clicking on the comments section at the bottom of this post. First round:


OK men, get ready:

How would you handle the following situation:

You are at a restaurant with your date. A waitress with large breasts and one heckuva booty walks by. Do you:

1. Get whiplash from quickly turning your head back at your date?
2. Ogle the waitress until you feel the slap of your dates’ hand upon your cheek?
3. Turn to the guy next to you and say, “Check out that hottie!”

If you’ve answered this question properly, you can pay Meg’s overdue rent for the month of February! Rick left her without paying September’s rent right after surgery and serious illness and she has been struggling to catch up ever since!

OK men, ready for round two?


1. What is a SCARAMOUCHE? (Simply saying “Rick is one” will only get you half credit for this answer)
2. Which spelling is correct? P-H-I-L-A-D-E-L-T-H-I-A or P-H-I-L-A-D-E-L-P-H-I-A (You cannot ask Rick, I have already told him.)
3. Question number 3 is a two-parter, take your time guys:
A. For your 16th wedding anniversary, would you give your wife 11 roses and your mistress the 12th?
B. If you did and your wife asked you why there were only 11 roses, would you tell her, “I thought they looked a little skimpy?” before taking the time to realize that you had just confirmed her suspicions by providing such a stupid answer?

The winner of the round wins the honor of paying Meg’s utilities so that she doesn’t have to sit car-less, in a dark, cold house!!!!!

I see some of you are still hanging in there so here goes round number 3!!!!!!


1. Do you brush your teeth so rarely that when you begin to do it on a daily basis your wife suspects infidelity?
2. Do you leave skid marks in your underwear and, without shame, leave them on the TOP of the hamper for the entire family to suffer?
3. Can everyone in the family recognize your body odor in the car, in your absence?

Answer these three questions correctly and buy Meg a car! She is dependent upon other people for rides because Rick had the good car repossessed to avoid making payments on anything to do with Meg and canceled the insurance on her car leaving MEG to find out only AFTER the DMV revoked the registration on the broken down battlstar-galacticar that Rick DID leave because she paid for it in the first place!!!!!!!!

To those of you left….Get ready for Round 4….


1. …accuse your sick wife of being a drug addict in a pathetic attempt to make yourself look good in court by making her look bad?
2. …leave a woman you’ve known for 22 years at the lowest point of her life as she was struggling to survive serious illness?
3. …tell your wife she needs psychiatric help to deal with her trust issues as you bang some bimbo in a trailer park?

The decent guy who wins this round wins the honor of giving Meg a job!!!! She has no car and no decent wardrobe but she is willing to any job that will help her continue to pay her bills!!!!!!!!!!!

OK…here is a tough one, Round 5…


1. …pleasant, intelligent woman?
2. …honest, sincere and loyal woman?
3. …loving, affectionate and appreciative woman?

The winner of this round wins the INTRIGUING opportunity to pay for the cosmetic surgery of Meg’s choice. Her self-esteem has been somewhat diminished and she has been sick for a while but she is almost better and looking good!!!!! However, she would like to look a little better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The men that are still with us have an option to consider. They can confine their answers to just one round or they can gamble it all for the whole ball of wax and go for all of these wonderful prizes INCLUDING the honor of TAKING MEG ON HER DREAM VACATION!!!!!!!

To be considered for the Big Prize, one must understand that Sex-Chemistry=Friendship
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


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