Posted by: anniewilson | February 2, 2005

Readers Speak Out

The absolute best part of creating this blog has been the enjoyment that I have received reading the lovely responses and the amazing stories of some amazing people. Then of course, “the angry little males” have had their say. Some of the varied and interesting thoughts must be shared. And, some of the more absurd deserve a response.

An anonymous, but very eloquent man contributed the following:

Speaking as a man of some integrity, I find men (and I use the term loosely here) like Rick are the absolute dregs of humanity. And you are well rid of him.

Now, talk about sexism. If a woman, any woman had said this, she would be sued. YES, it could even have been me. Issues like these keep us sisters fighting so hard for our rights. One aspect of the women’s movement that has baffled me though, why burn bras? Make up is ever so much more burdensome.

You’re a cutie!! =P Youlook like a fiery red head. In your picture your eyesseem to express two different emotions.

Is this a nice way of pointing out that lazy eye?

Also, my penis is neither twisted nor headsmall

I went OUT OF MY WAY to try to get the point across that I am not attacking men. If is MUST be added, I am not attacking penis’s either.

By the way, I wanted to let you know the guys at Cruelare just huge wankers. I’m sure you know that, butjust for the record, most of the posting that goes onis late at night and on weekends. So I’m guessing wehave a small group of 14 year boys with testosteronebuild-up and a half a bottle of Jergens running theshow over there :o)

Ptolerance, Tigerlily, this one’s for you! Call ME obtuse.

He looks like a child molestor.

See how pervasive this inequality is? Sexism is a crime.

About men: I suspect we’re essentially rotten pigs,all of us.

No, not all of you. But I do know ONE.

I am a 36 year old mother of 2 year old twins divorcing a lying piece of junk in Richmond, VA. My only question is this: Have you considered that your ex is mentally ill? Mine is diagnosed ADD, OCD, and bi-polar. Bi-polar (also known as manic) is not as uncommon as you think and it seems to be in the water.

Well, that would explain a lot.

at what cost you want to sell? uday

Uday? Not enough money in the world.

Older women and younger men is all the rage! (Which pisses me off, because at 44 “younger” just doesn’t apply!)

WHAT? I am 46?!?! Speak for yourself gramps.

Believe it or not, gay men are even worse than straight men in terms of lying, cheating, and treating people as though they’re entirely disposable.

I feel your pain brother…or is it sister? I want to be unequivocally politically correct.

There are such an abundance of people I’m running into sharing my story that have either been hurt by online affairs, internet porn addiction, or the like.

Yeah, and to think, before the internet, all poor Rick had was the slanted, fuzzy and distorted reception of some sex channel we didn’t subscribe to. That was priceless.

Where are you in Marietta? What times will you be available for viewing?

Well, you take a left at the Waffle House…

I’m 6’5″ 300lbs. …okay–I am big…and??????

Come and get me Magilla!

what i’m trying to figure out is how can a turd like rick get not only a bright, attractive, witty woman like yourself but multiple mistresses too?

Anybody can find a woman, Rick’s secret (and it works EVERY TIME): lower your standards.

which goes around comes around, as you know. My ex cheated on his first wife with his best friend at the time (a woman; not me), he cheated on me with my best friend…..I’m sure he’ll cheat on wife #3. I get the satisfaction of knowing I have two beautiful, wonderful, healthy and happy kids (thanks to me!), my business is more successful than ever before and I’m in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in since I work out 6 days a week. The two of them get to wake up next to each other every day wondering who will be the first one to cheat, she’s now married to the doormat I put up with for 8 long years and she’s let herself go to hell…….makes me laugh every time I see her.

Karma is, most assuredly, a bitch.

You’re a whiny self-absorbed bitch that has to post to a shitty blog to try to gain sympathy? You deserve no sympathy. Oh yeah, and if you hate him so much, every day must be a nice refreshing day considering you’re too lazy to start using your maiden name again.Grow the fuck up.Jack Burton.

“Imagine all the people, living hand in hand, OOOHH, I may be a dreamer…but I’m not the only one, I hope one day you will join me….and the world will live as one.” -John Lennon


I leave my mind blank.

That explains the following:

“Honey, whatcha thinkin’ about?”


Not to be rude, but it sounds like your husband was a shithead.

If you think I will tolerate this type of rudeness much longer, well you have another think coming, young man.

I’ve played for 32 years and although I have retained my hair, I have not been as lucky with my teeth.

I have no comment.

Your a bright, attractive woman. You should put more effort onto getting on with your life.

Watch me!

And, tune in later for the world wide web wide premier of Who Wants to be a Sugar Daddy!


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