Posted by: anniewilson | February 3, 2005


An extremely handsome 27 year old man has asked me to go out with him this evening! I said yes, of course. I haven’t been out in…Jeez…I don’t remember the last time. Anyway, he is tall, obviously works out, well groomed, funny and a bright guy! I am just plum tickled. And, don’t worry, I know he is safe…we met in the delivery room.

My son knows that I like to shoot pool and he asked if I wanted to go out and shoot tonight. Actually, he challenged me and, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I can rarely pass up a challenge, especially one that comes in the form of a dare. And, as I am quite the challenge myself, he enjoys the competition. We are going to a sports bar called Sidelines in Marietta. If you see me there, say hello.

Anyway, being a woman who can play a “man’s” game well, I have had a lot of interesting experiences, especially in the south. In the north my pool skills are more appreciated (at least to my face). But, in the south, the good ol’ boys don’t take too kindly to be whipped by a “squatter”.

I would walk into the establishment, buy myself a beer and put my quarters up. Now, it takes a couple games for me to get warmed up so when Opie would start to get the better of me, he would puff out his barrel chest and start to give me advice. I would smile sweetly and say nothing. Sooner, rather than later, I would come into my game. When I began sinking balls, Opie would re-puff out his chest and pat me on the back and say, “Now, there ya’ go little girl!” He was convinced his previous assistance was paying off. A couple more of my balls gone and he would nervously congratulate me on my “beginners luck”. As I sunk the last 3 and brought the 8 ball back into the left pocket, he would accuse me of being a “hustling dyke from hell!” By the way, Opie is any number of rednecks out there.

Rick took me out at least once every equinox so I am a tad rusty but I bet I can give my son a run for his money. I am very proud of my son, and he is one heckuva good guy. (So are my other son, my brothers, my father, my Uncle Chet and most of my male friends. That’s why I know there are good ones out there.) And, another thing, he enjoys being with me and is NOT embarrassed by me. I repeat: MY SON IS NOT ASHAMED TO BE SEEN AT HIS FAVORITE HANG OUT WITH HIS MOTHER! That makes me feel very good.

As a matter of fact, he annoys me by going out of his way in a crowded bar to drag his friends over to meet me. And then, he goes out his way to scare off any man who might pay the least bit of attention to me.

So, I probably won’t meet the man of my dreams tonight (did I meet him already? 🙂 So, if you see me, come up and say hi! Heck, put your quarters up…I dare ya!




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