Posted by: anniewilson | February 6, 2005


I sat down and started to write about the stupid things that Rick has done and it occurred to me that just making a list was silly. And there really isn’t anything in it for me so I decided to do something else. I would like to go out. So, I decided to try and use this blog to find a safe way to meet a nice man to go out with. Just once. I am pretty easy to please so we could do whatever you wanted to do as long as it isn’t on Fear Factor.

First, I have to think of my safety so excuse me if I get a little nit-picky. Some of the things he would have to do might take a little effort, but hell, I’m worth it. I will be checking references so if you are one piece of evidence away from being portrayed on Cold Cases, I will know about it.

OK, that out of the way, I guess I should give you an idea of the person I’d like to hang out with for an evening. HE HAS TO BE SMART!!!! No more double digit IQ’s for me. I’d like clever but not cunning. My cunning radar is on high alert so don’t even bother. A very nice car is good but given the right person, battlestar-galacticars MAY be accepted. Handsome is nice but intelligence is very sexy and somehow really DOES buy handsome points. He should remember JFK’s assassination. That’s not written in stone but it would help. I adore funny, especially when it’s on purpose. At this, point, that’s pretty much it. Literacy is expected and will be required for the first hurdle.

That is, write me an invitation.

I will be waiting. What the heck, someone will win, why don’t you go ahead and give it a shot? I might end up with some dude named Elmer from some God-forsaken little town in…well, I don’t want to offend anyone, you know what I mean. So, please, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, some of you must be drinking.

Oh, one other thing, I may post our picture on this blog so married men need not apply. 🙂


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