Posted by: anniewilson | February 7, 2005


I thought of another stupid thing Rick did. I wanted to let you know about it because it was funny then and it is funny now. I will get a picture of the fence involved when I get new batteries for my camera.

One day he was changing the car’s break fluid in the driveway. The driveway backs onto a street and then there is an 8 foot wooden fence abutting someone’s backyard. Now, apparently you are supposed to pump the breaks at some point in the brake fluid changing process. If you don’t, they don’t work. Well, he didn’t. And they didn’t. Long story short, he had to repair the wooden fence AND the chain link fence behind it.

He went all the way through. It did a good number on the car as well, especially that chain link fence. Funny, we didn’t even know it was there.

Now, you know that I like to be fair about these things so I will tell you a story about something stupid I did for years. A while back, I went to Advance Auto to get a funnel for oil. Up until then I had been using one from my kitchen. I asked the guy where they were. He picked one up and handed it to me. I asked, “Do you have the small one?” He responded, “They are all one size and this is it.” I told him that “No, my car has a small hole and every car I have ever owned has had the small hole.” He asked me to show him the small hole. (Now, be nice.) We went out to the car and I showed it to him. He said, “No, that’s the dipstick hole, over there, see? That’s where you put the oil.” “Oh”, I responded and off I went. I am so glad he pointed that out because it takes a whole lot less time and you spill a lot less. Apparently, I had seen someone CHECK the oil, not actually ADD any and thought the dipstick hole was the oil hole. I remember often thinking that it was stupid to have the hole be so small.

As we were driving to a family picnic with my father following in his car, Rick looked to his left and behind as he was entering a highway via an acceleration ramp. The man in front of him stopped unexpectedly and Rick smashed into him. My Dad stopped his car, got out and walked over to the old man who’s car Rick had just hit. My father looked him square in the eye and said, “Why were you backing up on an entrance ramp?” Rick has hit two people using the driving forward while looking backward technique. That’s all for now, oh, I should mention the time in 1975 when my brother had me go under his car and remove the bolt to the oil pan thing. It drained all over me. I was dumb enough to do it so I accept full responsibility. You should never trust a teenaged brother.


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