Posted by: anniewilson | February 8, 2005


If you get a chance, you need to see the movie “Nil ByMouth”.It’ll make you feel better about missing theopportunity to smother Rick in his sleep :o)

Now, I would have NEVER done that!!!! But…does anyone know where you buy Dioxin?

Rick is, what I call, a Fiddler. A Fiddler approaches sex much the same way one would approach a television on it’s last leg. How does a Fiddler turn on a temperamental TV? You smack it once to get the vertical into line, then you twist these knobs until the right station comes in (really, does ANYONE get turned on by a tittie-twister??) Then the dip-shit realizes the cord just isn’t long enough to reach the socket. Poor Molly, Fiddlers never know what to do down there. You want them to think “melting ice cream cone”, instead you get “demented fruit bat”.

Molly thanks you for your concern. She has been ignored FAR too long.

I was arrested in Mexico once…long, long time ago…

ANY GRINGO can get arrested in Mexico, c’mon, give me a good story.

“Hey…you get head where you can, ya know?”

Like I said, do what Rick does, just lower your standards.

So, Rick was banging this guy?

How would I know? To hear him tell it, he NEVER EVER looked at, touched, spoke to anyone other than me. But I learned that Rick has a very hard time saying no, so in a pinch, who’s to say what he banged?

Someone did mention he looked like a child molester???

Rick, yes. The man/woman, no. If that IS a child and Rick WERE to molest them, that WOULD answer a few questions.

Hi Mom!

Hi Annie! I love you. Call me.

He sounds like scum and he should pay!!!!

He is and he will.

So, at the beginning of January I shipped him back to his Momma.

Damn. Why didn’t I think of that.

You could always hire a P.I. even now. Then you wouldn’t have to call cheaters.

OR…I could let some nice, empathetic P.I. do it for me for no reason except his disgust at the slime ball I am, sadly, married to. (Is slime ball one word or two?”

That can not be a woman! Looks more like a 16 year old boy.

Well, people have said he looks like a child molester.

Sorry about the bad joke

Don’t be, I DID marry him.

Love ‘ya Meg. Fuck Rick!

Yeah right. Been there, done that.

you’d like to go out—I’d like to take you out.

As in the Godfather “take me out”? Be a little bit more specific.

I hope you’re not watching the ballgame

I was going to but I wanted to clean the kitchen first. Then, I got myself some coffee and sat down in my recliner just in time to watch the post game show. Damn.

Damn, if anybody deserves a break, you do.

You got that right, funny how you wrote that email the day I broke my finger. People need to be more specific.

send me you phone #

How about this…send me you’s.

You have a new fan in me, and lordy I could tell you stories about my divorce…

Thank you! And if there are any people out there who would are going through a divorce, a guy named Jamie is writing a book on surviving divorce and he needs stories like yours. Contact him at Tell him Meg sent you.


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