Posted by: anniewilson | February 10, 2005


You know, I was thinking. Earlier I listed the names of some people with whom I have lost contact. I thought it would be cool if someone re-connected with another person because of this blog. So, if you have tried everything short of Maury Povich, give this post a try. Post a comment giving as much or as little information as you’d like. If you click on “comment”(under last comment on the post), you are sent to a page that contains this post as well as the comments. That page itself could be sent to your friends so that they could put in a note of thier own. (They would have to click on Home (found below the last comment on the page), find THIS post by looking for the post’s title, Meg’s Party, and click on Comments to post a note, it’s really not too hard.) People could sort of sign it like a petition and send it on…with no jinx, bad luck or SPAMers to worry about. It would be neat to watch the list grow and really neat if anyone found a lost friend or relative, teacher or classmate. You don’t have to join anything and it doesn’t cost a dime. Should this comment section get too long to navigate easily, I will start another one and people could go through the different posts to search for someone. There MUST be someone you would like to find, you could use information only THEY would understand, or you could be as straight forward as I am. Remember 6 Degrees of seperation? I bet, with a little help from others who will read your posts, someone will be lucky enough to find that someone they have been wondering about. Try it….Good Luck!!!!!!


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