Posted by: anniewilson | February 12, 2005

Good morning,

Sorry to be so quiet, I have been feeling pretty badly lately. I go through these periods at times and they don’t last too long, I just need to eat some more and get my calcium levels back in whack. But, a friend sent the following to me and I wanted to share it with you. I think it is saying pretty much what I have tried to say. It sort of explains the reasons Rick behaved like he did toward me when he was out cheating. I wish I could have explained it so well. I will be back at the computer when I feel a little better…in the mean time I will try to keep you updated at the very least. I guess this is just part of a divorce when you are ill so it sort of fits in with the Diary. I hope you are all doing well today.


Thank you to Stacey for sending this old article from Dear Abby.

“DEAR ABBY: Why will a married man pick up a tramp andtreat her like a lady, then turn around and treat hiswife (who is a lady) like a tramp?

DEAR MINNIE: A man picks up a tramp because he wants a female companion who is no better than he is. In her company, he doesn’t feel inferior. He rewards her by treating her like a lady.”He treats his wife (who is a lady) like a tramp because he feels that by degrading her, he will bring her down to his level. This makes him feel guilty, so to get even with his wife for making him feel guilty,he keeps right on punishing her.

“Years later, a reader asked, “What is the differencebetween a lady and a tramp?” Mother was stumped, so she asked the readers for their input. Their answerswere enlightening — and reviewing them is like looking into a time capsule.

“The difference between a lady and tramp? About threedrinks.” — TENDS BAR IN MILWAUKEE
“A lady goes out, goes home and goes to bed. A tramp goes out, goes to bed, then goes home.” — MURPH
“There’s no difference. Kipling said, ‘The Colonel’slady and Judy O’Grady are sisters under their skin.'”– F.C.H. IN TEXARKANA
“The difference between a lady and a tramp is men withbig mouths.” — MET A FEW”
A lady draws a line. The tramp falls for it.” –ROBERT BYRNE
“A lady is chaste. A tramp is chased.” — ROBERT FROMSAN DIEGO
“There are no tramps. Only lonely ladies.” — MARGIEFROM MANSFIELD
“A lady lies around and sleeps. A tramp sleeps aroundand lies.” — J.S. IN ASHLAND, ORE.
“You pay a tramp in advance — but a lady costs more in the long run.” — WESTPORT PETE

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