Posted by: anniewilson | February 13, 2005

Dear Rick,

You will never know how much it hurt me when you hit me in the face the day you left. Not so much from the pain of the smack, but from the nasty words you said to me. I couldn’t believe that the man who promised to take care of me forever was hurting me in such a cruel way. The contempt with which you looked me in the eye as you were hitting me broke my heart. The bruises healed, but I will never forget that contempt. I will never forget how you promised to stay if I jumped through all of your hoops and tried so hard to make it work, like a fool, I admit. But you never intended to stay. The decent thing to do (look up decent in the dictionary, you can find one at the library), would have been to tell me the truth so that I could try to prepare for life alone. But that would have taken courage and you don’t have a shred of it.

I accepted your twisted penis with it’s rapid fire qualities, I accepted a few affairs. I accepted the life you chose for us, watching the televison as in an effort to assure it was never stolen. When I inhaled next to you, I didn’t vomit from the odor and even bought you your first deodorant. I asked you to go to the dentist when your teeth began to get longer from the recession of your gums. You balked at that and didn’t even have the decency to brush those teeth on a daily basis. When you did go to the dentist and they gave you the rinse to help with the hideous periodontal disease, you didn’t care enough to use that. When you started brushing your teeth and buying mouth wash, it wasn’t for me, it was for one of your trashy bimbos who thought nothing of bopping a married man. You watched Dr. Phil and said what bums those men were who cheated on thier wives as you were keeping your own little secrets. You punched holes in our walls and I just sat back and watched you repair them so that no one wouold know what a freak you were. I stayed anyway, I accept full resposibility for that but I have one question, how do you look at yourself in the mirror? I don’t mean “How do you keep from cringing at your teeth? but rather, “How do you justify your behavior?”

I didn’t ask where the viagra was going and I didn’t even realize that when you used me for a toilet for your sperm that you were really only attempting to get off so that you MIGHT last a little longer for your tramps. Why, after decades of calling me your soul mate and telling me that I was the only family that you had, did you leave me when I was too ill to take care of myself? I accepted the anniversary gifts that never came and the fact that you never took me out of the house. How many women would go for that for any length of time? Not many, I assure you. You, your twisted freaked out one eyed wonder worm that is just a tad dysfunctional, and your nasty teeth will not satisfy the type of woman who would accept you and your BS for any length of time. Well, she probably wouldn’t mind the nasty teeth, but the other things will grow old sooner or later.

When you said that our sex life was not as “intense” as it used to be, you didn’t even realize that you were admitting to having sex with other women (I assume they were women). Well, honeybuns, it takes effort to keep the fire burning and you will never know how to do it as long as you keep leaving when the honeymoon phase of your newest squeeze gets old. A mature relationship of over 20 years can never compare in intensity to the new relationship and sooner or later you will be bored with that one or she will become bored with the Speedy Gonzalez type of sex that you are soooooo good at. I do have one question, why did you do this to me?

Have a lovely day.

To all other people who are cheating, read that very carefully, maybe you will learn something and then you can have the wonderful benefits of sticking out a marriage and the warm, loving feelings that go along with it.



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