Posted by: anniewilson | February 13, 2005

Dear Meg,

Rick seems to be the typical scumbag, someone whose personality men can understand but at the same time, Us good guys fear that part of us, seems like Rick just let it all slide, What a worm! Marriage is hard, raising children is hard, but so is everything else that is worth a damn in this world. I have no repect for men who take the path of least resistance.

Yeah Dude,
I guess you are right. All men (and women, for that matter) have the potential to be all sorts of freaky things, I suppose. I guess it’s behavior left over from our barbaric ancestors. But a bunch of us had fathers that went out of their way to actively teach values. I often thank God that I did. Certainly mothers play a great role, too (But I am answering the man who posted the above comment), but to the men who would grumble that men are losing control of society, remember that old adage: The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world. We all just assume it refers to women. It does not. We may no longer need the family unit to survive, but I kinda think we need it to survive with any degree of a peaceful easy feeling. Children raised without fathers (or by fathers that were women abusers, liars, cheats, gun runners, pimps and/or drug dealers) fill the jails and wreak havoc on the outside. So, if you want to be a real man, woman, or just a decent member of out society, consider what behavior you would want your children to emulate. They will most certainly do it.



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