Posted by: anniewilson | February 14, 2005

Just a thought…

Writing a blog is like writing anything, you just talk in your head and write it down. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling, whatever. There are people who will do that for you. And, editors edit. So many people have written me to ask about creating a blog and it is truly easy. You just do a web search for free blogs. If I can do it, anybody can.

Before you think you have to go out looking for more “intense” sex, check out your spouse. Women in particular, guys, just need some prodding. Not all of them, but I swear to God, there are a lot of them. They just want you to bring out that side of them, I promise. Ladies, will you ANONYMOUSLY give me an Amen! in the comments section on that one?!

And if I am wrong, I must accept the fact that I am truly a freak.

Hhhmmmmm….I must come up with at least one more thought to make this post seem balanced to me. Oh well, all I can think of is RICK SUCKS!

That’s all there is, for the moment.



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