Posted by: anniewilson | February 14, 2005

Hi there!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

When I returned from taking my Dad to the airport (he is letting me keep his car while he is in Chicago!!!!!) I saw a number on my caller ID and thinking it was someone I had met through the blog, I called it back. It was the casting agency who I auditioned for to get the part in the Warm Springs movie that comes out sometime this year on HBO. I never expected to hear from them again but they called me and offered me a part in another production. She gave me the details but all I remember now is that I will be playing a nurse. She said, “We chose you because you look like a nurse.” When I told her I was one, she freaked like I was freaking. It will only be a few days work but every little bit helps. I will give you the details when I am paying more attention. My first call is 2/17…I just realized that 2/17 is this week! What a nitwit I can be. Well, she said they will call me with the details the day before the call. I am sooo excited because this is the first part I have been offered as opposed to seeking out!!!!

On a lighter note, the lawyer’s office called and said now we WILL be going to court tomorrow at 1 PM. I don’t know why but I asked if opposing counsel had anything to do with it and they said no, that the opposing counsel was as surprised as my lawyer was. Soooo, as usual, I will let you know what happens. I am a little curious myself.

Well, a very kind reader/friend has sent me a gift today so I will be enjoying that and my granddaughter gave me a dozen roses, I counted them, THERE ARE 12!!!!!!!!!! I guess grandchildren are pretty loyal.

Well, now that my dad has left, I must do laundry (he hates the sound of the washer and dryer.) and try to come up with something decent to wear to court. Have a great day!



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