Posted by: anniewilson | February 15, 2005

My Horoscope for today and…



Your coworkers will be sensitive to your current conflict between rebellion and security. Don’t get defensive. Instead be truthful. If you share your discontent, your brilliance will be received more openly

See, even my horoscope thinks this is a good idea!

I just read your “blog”, it was linked from the Metafilter site. You are funny, in a good way.

Well, you have to give some credit to Rick, he is my inspiration for all things humorous, good way or bad way.

Gimme candy said cutie pie Stace,
All covered in leather and lace,
Yeah that would be nice,
I might do it thrice,
Don’t get it all over your face.

OK, OK, I asked for this.

Jesus Christ!! Did I write THAT? Sigh…

Now you know how I feel some mornings when I read yesterday’s post.

let me say that Rick is a fool and it’s a damn shame he was so selfish and blind.

OK, go ahead and say it. I won’t stop you.

“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

Nothing to add, just a sincere thank you to the many people I have met through this blog.

I was just looking at your blog. Do you like bluegrass?

I just don’t like weeds, any grass will do. But blue grass would have let Rick know that the stuff in our yard is crab grass.

so where is your dick head ex hub to be now?
Mine ended up being ok….we live about 4 miles apart

YIKES! Only 4 miles away?They allow that? I didn’t even know it was an option.

“Happiness is finding your glasses before you’ve forgotten why you want them.”

Or, in my case, remembering the thought I had until I find a paper and pen to write it down with.

I know that shit is a pain in the ass.

Speaking of which, how do you get shit out of your hubby’s underpants?

I’m going to fix the ex. I will exact a fitting revenge, fear not. Ok, that’s handled. Tell me about you and what you need.

Uh, I think I can handle it myself, thank you.

I was just reading your article and found it interesting that you were located in Marietta. That’s where my ol’ boy lives. And I had to teach him a lesson or two in honesty as well.

So, tell me, how did YOU do it? I’d like to know. And…by the way, did you use dioxin?

I am discreet, little lady, and can do for you anything and everything, you need only ask it of me.

Well, well, well. That’s intriguing. Let me think a while and I will get back to you.

Dump the jerk and get to a church, almost any church.

Well, one day some Mormons came by. I was too busy to talk but I told them to come back later. They didn’t. I consider that to be the worst form of rejection.

After reading about your husband, I now feel better about mine. The worst he does is snore.

Like I said, as he is snoring, stick a little string up his nose and twist it. The look on his face will be priceless. And, for a moment, the snoring will stop.

I divorced my wife because she made everything hard except the one thing I wanted her to make hard.

We all have our cross to bear. Did you ever try Rick’s old trick of watching sex channels that you didn’t subscribe to? He got pretty hard watching those slanted, distorted movies.

Sometimes a woman needs to be slapped, my father taught me that!

Are you Rick’s son? You can write Daddy at the Cobb County Jail.

I found that a good way of dealing with the emotional strain is to joke about the situation.

OK, A toddler was riding his tricycle down the street. As he passed the penitentiary, a man came running out the gate shouting, “I’m free! I’m free!” The little boy said, “Oh yeah, well I’m four.”

Damn, I love a corny joke.

That one got me onto the speech team in high school. Frank Tarango, the greatest teacher/coach I ever had, had a healthy respect for anyone with the nerve to tell such a stupid joke at a large audition. I love him, where is he? Last I heard he was teaching at Elmhurst College.


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