Posted by: anniewilson | February 16, 2005

Mr.Smiley said…

I’m thirty, clean, don’t cheat, don’t beat, don’t stray, don’t play. So, I’m single. Women say they want nice guys, but that doesn’t give me somebody to cuddle with on Friday night, now does it? Actually people either think I’m asexual or gay. I’m in Augusta, one of the only nice guys here.

You know dude, I don’t think you are very smiley at all. At least not at the right time or not at the right places. People enjoy being around other people who are enjoying themselves. Go do something fun and do it often. Act like a kid again. Eat Fruit Loops once in a while and read the back of the box. Look for a four leaf clover and see what picture the clouds are painting. This is stuff you will NEVER regret doing.

When I was 15, I read, in one of those teen magazines that young girls read, that you should just go out and make a friend. I happened to want a friend and there happened to be a new girl in school. I just went up and asked her to come over to my house on Friday night. She did and eventually, I stood up for her at her wedding. I made a friend simply by solicitation. And all because of a silly teen magazine that I bought for the pictures of Donny Osmond, my first love. My crush on Donny Osmond lasted longer than my first marriage. Seeing him on Pyramid is a bit freaky, I must say.

Anyway, my point is that you should go up to a woman and ask her out. What have you got to lose? Be romantic, send flowers, silly cards and things like that. We love that crap. It is cheap to find out if she is interested. And it is also worth a few bucks to weed out some whackos. If you make a concerted effort, sooner or later, one will stick. I promise.

Right ladies?

Anyone out there from Augusta?



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