Posted by: anniewilson | February 18, 2005


I did the shoot yesterday. It is a movie called The Gospel with Boris Kudjoe and some other folk you all know. I found out that the movie I did last year, Warm Springs, will be out in April on HBO. I spent yesterday freezing my ass of at an abandoned mental hospital that they used as a location to shoot this movie. They also shot Dumber and Dumberer at this location. I was used as a technical advisor as well as an actor. As the technical advisor, I told them the nurse should wear a mask in one scene I set up. So, like and idiot, I masked myself in this movie. Once again, I am in the movie, but I covered up my own damn face. Oh well. I did make a new friend, he is in the picture with one of the actors from The Gospel. His name is Solomon and he is a great young guy who I am glad to call a friend. I didn’t know him 24 hours ago. Life is funny.

When I got home, I was flipping through the channels and came to the Comedy Channel. I almost went past it as Rick and I used to watch stand up all the time. I realized that I was avoiding all the things I used to enjoy because everything reminded me of Rick. Well, screw that, I am going to make new memories and continue on with my life. Unfortunately, the next thing I have planned for my life is a dentist appointment and I have to go and get ready to go there. I will be back to make you smile this afternoon.

Have a great day!



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