Posted by: anniewilson | July 18, 2008

Holy man in my house Batman!

My roommate told me that she would be going away for the weekend so I was looking forward to having my house to myself for the first time in weeks. When I went to bed last night, she was still here so I figured I would see her before she left.

I woke up and did what I always do, I wrote a bit, sucked some coffee and started cleaning up. I have a date coming over tonight and I was so pleased that we would be able to be alone. I was dreading watching a movie with him while worrying whether or not someone would pop into the living room and catch us making out or even just cuddled up.

My roommate and her boyfriend cooked a huge meal last night and when I got up, their filthy dishes were in the sink. I didn’t have time to wait for her to do them so I did because I AM having company tonight.

My girlfriend called and while we were chatting, I heard someone using the bathroom. I walked into the hallway and saw my roommates’ boyfriend. I asked him if Sarah (not her real name) had woken up yet and he said, “She’s in New York.”

My jaw dropped and I asked, “What are you doing here?”

His answer was something about being tired and needing to come by and grab some sleep. I told him that he needed to leave and he said that he would get some things together. I said that was OK, that I wasn’t tossing him out on his ear. Then, I went back to speaking on the phone.

I spoke for quite a while when I began to realize that he wasn’t going anywhere. I think he was waiting for me to get off the phone and I was staying on the phone so that I didn’t have to bother talking to him as he left. I dropped a couple of hints by telling my girlfriend that I had to leave for the store by 2. That gave him a time to be out of here. He stayed in the girl’s bedroom and at 1:40, I said through the door, “I’m leaving in 20 minutes and I’m waiting for you to leave so that I can go.”

He came out and said that he had things to do for my roommate. I said, “She’s not here, I have company coming and I need to fix dinner and shower after I clean up.” He started to say that he needed to do something and I finally said, “Listen, it’s inappropriate for you to be here and I don’t appreciate being put in a situation in which I need to act like this.” Then, I took a Xanax and went in my room. I waited for him to fill her car up…with what I do not know. Then, when he left, I came back out and locked the door.

I just don’t know what’s wrong with people. I wouldn’t have been here in the first place were I him. If I was here, it wouldn’t take more than a slight hint to get me to leave. I basically had to go one step away from threatening to call the cops. I am not a happy camper right now.

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