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Parental Alienation Syndrome

Kim Basinger seems to love backing causes, and now it would seem as though she is now vying for the title, “Saint of Mothers Who Assassinate Father/Child Relationships For No Good Reason”. After co-parenting daughter Ireland for 10 years, Basinger has decided that father Alec Baldwin is no longer worthy of the role of father because there has not been enough “consideration for my time and work commitments” and Baldwin’s presence is a “disruption to Ireland’s life.”Court documents filed by Baldwin request the “disruption” of “co-parenting counseling” and a change in therapists. Co-parenting counseling seems quite reasonable to most people. Especially considering the history of the couple who have been bickering over the 10 year old since their 2001 divorce.

Of course, we are not privy to any of the particulars in the case. But one would expect that had Mr. Baldwin committed some hideous infraction in the time since the brutal divorce, Basinger would have seen to it that the media was aware of the situation. So, in this case, surely no news is good news. Yet Basinger’s attorney fills 69 pages of court documents with reasons why she should not attend co-parenting classes with her ex. Until she abused the court system which is biased to mother’s, kept her daughter from the father and frustrated Alec to no end, he hadn’t done anything wrong. then, he made a stupid mistake out of the hideous frustration that goes along with having your child manipulated to stop loving you.

Basinger seems to be leading the charge of women who seek to remove superfluous husbands by proxy. They effectively take away all access to their children from father’s who are guilty of nothing more than existing past their usefullness. Beyond child support, these women are convinced that the men with whom they produced these children serve no purpose. So, these men are banished from the lives of their children by women who find them to be more of an inconvenience than an asset.

Shortly after these men become burdens to their wives, all too often, they come home to an empty house. Phone calls fail to verify the location of the man’s family. That’s because the men don’t seem to call the people who DO know what’s going on, the police. Of course, he needn’t call them, they’re on their way over to arrest him for domestic violence or something worse. Now, the first step is done. He’s out of the house.

The next step is to keep him out of the house and that takes a very long time. But, as an affront to women who are truly victimized, these women manipulate the court system for years in their efforts. The more sadistic of these women begin poisoning the minds of innocent children. A “victimized” wife can get a man out of the house overnight. It takes a “victimized” child to keep them out for good.

The brainwashing that these children receive is extremely effective. It takes some particularly accomplished manipulation to evoke such “obsessional hatred”, that it “extends to the targeted parent’s extended family without any guilt or remorse.”

In The Parental Alienation Directory, Dr. Douglas Darnall states that the young victims of mothers consumed with hatred, “have no capacity to feel guilty about how they behave towards the targeted parent or forgive any past indiscretions.” Dr, Darnell describes a pattern of behavior that he has termed Parental Alienation Syndrome and it is not a pretty picture. Although men most assuredly have the ability to exact this behavior upon children, for whatever reasons, the majority of parents who inflict PAS upon children are women.

Loving mothers want to see their children surrounded by as many people who love them as possible. But the mother’s who cause children to have “difficulty making any differentiations between…personal experiences with the targeted parent” and “what they are told by the Obsessed Alienator.”, are more concerned with some fantasy life where the father simply does not exist than with the welfare of the children. In a society where we chastise men for not rising to the occasion when they father a child, how can we let these mothers off the hook when they steal not only the father, but the father’s entire family from the child? Grandmother’s, Grandfather’s, aunt’s and uncle’s are all fair game for these women.

When the accusations fly, the extended family is not immune. A women in metropolitan Atlanta accused her daughter’s grandparents of standing by while the father, “struck her once, throwing her to the ground. Then, he struck her again and she fell to the ground again.” In this devastatingly classic case of Parental Alienation Syndrome, this particular father is about the give up on his daughter after two years of fighting with his ex wife. He has been arrested 3 times, his elderly parents have been named in abuse accusations filed with the Paulding County Georgia court. During the Christmas holidays, the counselor ordered by Paulding County told this father that “the best Christmas gift that you can give your daughter is to stay away during the holidays.”

When Alec Baldwin requests a change in counselors, it’s entirely possible that he may have good cause. With “therapists” out there telling fathers that they can best serve their child by “staying away”, perhaps Baldwin’s request should be given due consideration.

Unfortunately, “severe alienation is usually irreversible” and more and more men like the Paulding County Georgia father are throwing up their hands in utter desperation after years of false accusations and alienation from their children. Until judges and therapists, along with the public in general, recognize PAS for the crime that it is, father’s without Baldwin’s resources will continue to “stay away”. Hopefully, Baldwin himself will continue…to the best of his ability…to be a “disruption” in his daughter’s life.

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    The True Abuse/False Alienation Scam
    by Katie Stanton

    There are false allegations of fictitious syndromes going on all over the country and around the world. Horrifically abusive men, armed with lots of money, use false allegations of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) as a strategy to annihilate their families.

    Instead of doing this physically, these abusers are using family court to inflict the damage. The men who claim to be “alienated” often will repeatedly call in false abuse reports on the mother, which is ignored in court proceedings and by the PAS-accusing evaluator.

    These same men will attempt to “coach” the child to say bad things and make false allegations against the mother. When the child reports the father for his abuse (including parental alienation tactics), the father falsely claims alienation by the mother. It is a reign of terror, with the child as the ultimate victim.

    There are some of the frequently elements of the abuse/false alienation scam. These behaviors often start during the relationship–they’re not something that occurs as a result of divorce, but instead are often the reason for the divorce. They are:

    Abuse frequently either begins or escalates during pregnancy.

    Abuse can be physical and/or sexual.

    Threatens to take the children if the victim mom leaves.

    Threatens the life of the mom and/or children.

    Extremely emotionally abusive and controlling.

    Coercive control is constant.


    Harassment by any means possible, phone, email or any other means of communication. Communications are with the intent to inflict emotional distress.

    False accusations of infidelity.

    Interferes with wife/mom’s work.

    Keeps mom and kids from having friendships with other people, and relationships with her own family, wants to only be with his relatives and friends.

    Financial abuse (may incur bills and refuse to pay any, forces mom/wife to take on debt to keep family afloat while simultaneously undermining work of wife/mom).

    Wife/mom will try to get help for husband/dad, and NOT immediately leave. Wife/mom will refuse to prosecute, only to later have this be extremely detrimental.

    CPS involvement due to domestic violence and child abuse reports called in by people other than the mom. Mom will be terrorized with every report because she is at risk of losing kids to CPS.

    Abuse against child that child discloses to mom while still married or in relationship. Mom will choose to work with dad on this personally.

    Mom gets threatened by CPS with failure to protect while married or in relationship.

    Visitation may be stopped for valid reasons.

    Child is a pawn, the ways and means of continuing the abuse on the mother while inflicting great harm on the child.

    Child will often be abused in front of mother intentionally during exchanges.

    Child exchanges are just another opportunity to inflict harm on mom and child in any way possible. Calling all day, changing times, changing locations, repeatedly and obnoxiously.

    Father refusing to return child from visitation.

    Father will often have wealthy parents (and usually highly abusive and controlling father).

    Father’s parents will also engage in the terrorizing of mom and kids, and will also make threats and file false reports. Father’s parents function like tag team of bullies.

    Father will have visitation, then falsely claim that he was denied visitation. (Valid reasons for schedule changes are claimed to be “alienation.”)

    Father will receive phone calls, and school correspondence, then falsely claim that the calls were not long enough or meaningful enough, etc and that he did not receive ENOUGH information from school or may falsely claim that he received nothing when opposite is true.

    Mother will comply with every order in great detail, while father disobeys, but father will file for false contempt claim in order to commit custody exchange fraud.

    Father only needs to lie to psychologist, who then does nothing to corroborate any information, and psychologist will come to court and falsely accuse parental alienation without any evidence. Courts will listen to paid expert and vilify the protective parent to the delight of the abuser.

    Father is expert at “crazy-making” This behavior distorts reality and destroys the possibility of honest communication. This is a very effective device to increase confusion and insecurity in the victim. It also makes the victim mom have to continuously defend in court.

    In these cases, of course the child is fearful of the father. The children will be telling the truth, and the psychotic father is claiming they are lying. He forces the children to undergo evaluations and reunification therapy in efforts to have these psychologists “brainwash” the children into believing the father’s alternate version of realty.

    The children are tortured by unethical lawyers and psychologists profiteering off the case under the direction of the abuser dad, who is usually a very skillful and charming liar. The litigation will go on endlessly, as the protective parent desperately tries to shield the child.

    This tactic of the true abuser using false allegations of alienation is an extreme form of emotional battering, and is a way of continuing to inflict abuse. The child will resent the true abuser even more, because of the hell they are being put through in order to exact revenge on the mom. False allegation of this fictitious syndrome–Parental Alienation Syndrome–is a fraud and needs to be exposed.

  3. I went ahead and posted that comment because I am sure it is valid for some people. I absolutely know that men can be as evil as the worst women out there but with true Parental Alienation Syndrome, you have no idea that this is about to happen to you. This woman describes a generally abusive man who was apparently abusive from the get go. But, as many men (and I’m sure even a few women) will tell you, PAS comes totally out of nowhere. A once reasonable parent abuses the child ONLY where it concerns the other parent. It doesn’t overflow to any other areas of life.

    No matter the gender, all parents owe it to their children to get along with each other. You can do it at work with people you don’t like, you should be able to do it with the other parent of the child you claim to love. My kid’s father absolutely inflicted PAS on my kids, but he did it after he remarried. He and I got along just fine before that. So, there as still a female to share the blame.

    The Ex Mrs. Colletti

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