Posted by: anniewilson | August 11, 2008

ANOTHER car slams into a tree out front!!!


I just took a bunch of pictures of a wreck that just happened in front of my house. This is the second car to affect my property since I’ve had this blog. One day I wrote a dream I had where a car hit my house. Then a real SUV hit the tree right by where the car I dreamt about had fake hit the house.

This guy hit a tree as well. I had taken my sister to work…I couldn’t have been gone for 10 minutes. When I got back, the first thing that I noticed was that my stop sign had been taken out. I pulled into my drive way when I saw two cars parked on my side street. I couldn’t see anything wrong with them but when I got out of my car, I noticed that those people had pulled over to help the guy who took out my stop sign. And, he had taken out more than my stop sign. He also took out a huge chunk of my neighbor’s fence. I hadn’t seen that before because the cars parked at the scene were blocking the gaping hole in the fence. I stayed with the guy and prevented him from getting out.

When I walked up to him, he was taking off his seat belt and I didn’t want him to move after what happened to the lady who insisted on walking after hitting the last tree. (Her already broken ankle went through the bottom of her foot when she tried to walk.) The cops and EMT’s got there quickly so I told them where I lived and I left.

Before the cops got there, the guy told me what happened. He was driving down Polk St. and started to feel badly. The last thing he remembered was trying to pull over. He probably won’t remember me by the time this is over. He took out so much on the way to that tree that he had to have been going pretty fast and he had to have hit that tree pretty hard as well. He was all sweaty and bleeding from the face. I think he had a heart attack while he was driving. His pulse was bounding, not a normal bounding, but the bounding of a heart trying very hard to function. The absence of skid marks validates his story.

I took pictures of all of it, all that I could with a bunch of emergency vehicles surrounding the place anyway. I’ll take more after they leave. I didn’t want to get too close out of respect for the old man wrapped around the tree.

My neighbor was out there with a 5 month old baby and she had to be thinking…”NOT AGAIN!!!” My ex took out a huge section of that very same fence about 6 years ago. He had worked on the brakes of his car and then he forgot to bleed them or something like that before he went anywhere. He was parked in the side driveway which is on quite an incline so he went right into their backyard, through a 6 foot wooden fence and a 4 foot chain-link fence. I don’t know how those people can ever let their kids play out in that yard with all of those cars landing in it. After the first time you would think that you’ve been disaster proofed. After all, what are the odds of another car running into your back yard?

Well, two have done it since the new millennium alone. I don’t know how many have done it before that.

It’s not as though I live on a busy street. This is a residential neighborhood. But because of a couple of idiots who didn’t want to give up 10 feet of their MASSIVE front yards, they never widened the main rode that leads to all of the new growth west of the Marietta Square. The overflow from Whitlock Avenue is so bad that now the next street north of me takes overflow from MY street during rush hour. But at 8:30 AM, the traffic isn’t that bad at all. The fact that the old man didn’t hit another car is testament to that. I hope those nit wits are happy with their front yards as more and more people hit trees on this street that was NEVER intended to carry so much traffic. These houses are maybe 20 feet from the road.

So, now I’ve told that story while it was fresh in my head. I was busy writing another post before I took my sister, who had spent the night, to work. I’m almost finished with it but I had to tell you guys this first. I just took pictures of the guys taking my busted street sign away. Now I’ll go out there and take pictures of the scene that I can get closer to now that everyone else is gone.



  1. interesting to see … thanks

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