Posted by: anniewilson | August 15, 2008


I told you in the last post that I had 2 things to write about but I had to write about my friend first. Now I’m going to see if I can remember what the heck I originally wanted to say.

I know one thing was that I was going to say that, despite what any cyber stalkers who might be out there have said, there is not a soul who tells me what to write. I’ve never even listened to so much as a suggestion. I literally write about whatever I want to write about and that’s that. I choose the topics myself and I certainly only give you my thoughts on any given subject.

For example, when I talk about trashy, husband stealing whores, I do it for myself. I’m not doing favors for betrayed wives…I’m simply enjoying myself in one of the many ways in which I have fun.

I’ve written often enough that you might have already figured out that I enjoy it. I couldn’t be so prolific if this wasn’t fun for me. And, remember how this thing started out…as a tribute to my cheating bastard of an ex husband. After I verbally crushed his ass, I was left with nothing else to do. So, I just started talking about whatever was on my mind.

You’ll notice that I often quote other blogs. That’s because I read other blogs. When I do, if I read something that, for whatever reason, I want to repeat or discuss, I do so, giving proper credit.

So, in THAT way, you might say that I’m somehow “influenced”, but when I begin typing, I say whatever I want to say. Not a soul in the world can stop me because I have never knowingly lied nor have I behaved in an illegal manner. I’ve never contacted any one’s job, I’ve never written threatening emails and I’ve never outed anyone who didn’t do something incredibly stupid, illegal or hideously immoral.

Nobody has to like what I do, if you don’t, leave. It’s that simple. I’ve been doing freelance work for years and I’m published often in Op-Ed pages. That’s where opinion belongs in a newspaper. I’ve had people disagree with me often. They usually either call me, write me a letter or send me an e-mail…ONCE. Then, they get back to their lives. In 20 years, only one person in hundreds of thousands of people who have read my work has ever behaved like a nut…consistently.

Most people don’t bother with me because they don’t want to be cole slaw. Every so often, someone thinks that if they harass the people on my link list, they’ll get me to change my blog. It won’t happen. I would NEVER give in to blackmail.

Once you do that, you’ve guaranteed that it will happen again. There’s no way on God’s green earth that I would ever expose such a weakness.

When people blame others for what I write, they do so because the other people appear vulnerable to some extent. They don’t know where to hit me because I don’t show my vulnerabilities. I don’t even know if I have any. It’s much easier for fools intimidated by me to attack those whom they perceive as weak. That’s not a good idea.

I’ve had people suggest that I should take down a post here or there, but I only do that if there’s a benefit to myself. For example, before I went to the judge show, I wrote a post about my sister. I thought about it and didn’t want anyone from the show to read what I had written. So, I took it down. That cyber stalker dude accused me of all kinds of stupid stuff after I took that post down. But the reason wasn’t anything that he alluded to, I simply couldn’t afford for the producers of the show to see that post. That’s all.

If a blog friend did ask me to take something down, they would be admitting control and if I did listen to them, I would be giving away my control. I won’t do that.

I am 100% responsible for everything that’s on this blog. Period.

The other thing that I wanted to say was about when I was paying my bills the other day. I realized that for the phone, cable and internet, I was paying well over two hundred bucks a month, closer to three hundred. I happened to see an AT&T ad for something that I didn’t want sitting on my kitchen table. It had the phone number to call so I called it.

I wanted to find out how much it would cost me to get all of the shit that I’m already getting from one company instead of paying BellSouth and Comcast. I am so angry at myself for not calling years ago.

The chick with whom I spoke, a very friendly and competent lady in the AT&T sales department, put me on hold while she went to get the best deal that she could find for me. What she came back with was worth the short time I spent on hold. I’m switching to BellSouth for well under the price that I was paying either company before, much less both of them. So, for about 40% of what I have been spending, I’ll get all that I have been getting.

Of course, there’s always the problem that if one service goes out they all go out. But that doesn’t happen often enough to worry about it. Of course, I will be really annoyed when and if it happens. But, for the time being, I’m going to enjoy what the nice lady at AT&T told me.

Not only will my bill be more than halved, I’ll get $250 in various sign up things that I don’t understand. And, the BellSouth internet connection comes with it’s own security thingie that I won’t have to pay for. Cool beans.

The lady that I spoke with was so refreshingly friendly AND competent. You rarely find those 2 attributes in one person. Consider this story.

After I spoke to the BellSouth chick, I decided to call and see to it that she receive a “commendation” or whatever they call it nowadays. Back when I worked for Illinois Bell as Directory Operator 073, customers could call us and we would give them to a supervisor who would take care of such things. We were occasionally given “commendations” for good customer service. So, I called the number that I had called to get the really smart lady.

Unfortunately, this time I got the really stupid lady. There was NOTHING that I could do to get a supervisor on the phone. I had made the mistake of telling her why I called (which I usually don’t do when I call to speak to SUPERVISORS) so she continually answered me, “We have many call centers, I’m in Jacksonville Florida.”

I knew my lady was in Charlotte, North Carolina. I also knew that in this amazing age of internet access, any fricking supervisor could have handled my call. I also knew that someone, somewhere in Jacksonville, had the number to the Charlotte office. But all of those “thoughts” were far outside of the stupid chick’s box of thought. She’s one of those morons who can’t think OUTSIDE of that box. Those people are good for chimpanzee jobs like putting stickers on peanut butter jars, but they have no use in a job that requires you to handle an unexpected ground ball every so often. You can’t have a moron at 3rd base and you shouldn’t have one answering phones. Her only advice to me was that I should keep calling back until I was lucky enough to get somone in Charlotte to answer the phone.

If they HAVE to be on the phone, they should be far into the phone maze, they shouldn’t be at any main numbers where juggling unrelated problems might be part of the job. I’m pretty sure she didn’t have call-waiting. That would have been a disaster for this nit wit.

I never could get her to give me a supervisor. I asked her twice and when she kept trying to talk me out of it, I hung up on her dumb ass before I told her to quit her job and apply for disability as a stupid person. I can call back and get someone with an IQ higher than that of the pea brained airhead who works in the Jacksonville BellSouth office 9 times out of 10.

That reminds me, I have to do that.

I’ll leave out the part about the moron, it wouldn’t do any good anyway. She’ll be promoted to the level of her total incompetency and there’s nothing that I can do about it. I’ve long ago learned to accept stupid people without trying to think of ways to get away with murder.

But, I am getting $250 and if I had to deal with one idiot for that cash, so be it. The smart chick answered the phone when it really mattered so that’s good enough.



  1. What was that all about? What is a link list? Write about sex more, where do you live? (for stalking purposes)

    Seriously, you write well. Don’t give the naysayers a second thought or as William Safire penned for Spiro Agnew “nattering nabobs of negativity”

  2. LOLOLOL, OK then. My nect post will be for YOU and about SEX. I promise.


    That was all about my other blog.

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