Posted by: anniewilson | August 28, 2008

Have you seen this dog???


Over the past few days, I’ve been noticing that dog’s face everywhere in our neighborhood. When I saw another picture earlier today, I remember thinking to myself, “Wow! Someone is really, really trying hard to find that dog!”

Then, this evening while I was walking Payton, I ran into the lady who was putting up the posters. As Payton and I passed her, I said, “You must be frantic!” Naturally, she was.

She started telling me the story about how the dog got lost and I mentioned that I had been seeing her posters all around the neighborhood. Then, a black SUV pulled up. It was her family. The husband and all 3 of her kids were putting up posters too.

Naturally, the kids are upset. The family got the dog before some of those kids were born! Those kids don’t know a life without Rosie, the little dog that is probably wondering where his family has gone.

The oldest boy in the family has pretty much grown up with Rosie and he’s very close to her. There’s just something so sad about a boy and his dog being separated, isn’t there? In 1974, we lost a dog named Major. He was a beautiful German Shepherd and we adored that dog. To this day, I still get sad when I think of Major and the emptiness in our home after he was gone.

People who don’t have pets may not quite understand how much a pet can truly be a part of the family. The love that a pet has for it’s family is intense, loyal and never ending. Rosie may very well be taken care of, but that won’t help her heart from breaking as she wonders when she can go home.

The family has a very good reason to think that Rosie is being well cared for. The reason that they can be so sure that Rosie is OK can be found on the poster that the family is putting up all over town:

I am desperately looking for our little female chihuahua, Rosie. She disappeared Sunday afternoon before the storm…that’s 8/24/08. Someone saw her being picked up by a lady on Cherokee Street (Marietta) and placed in a car. What a blessing that she wasn’t hit by a car, but was rescued instead!! The car was heading north on Cherokee, but we have no idea where she went after that. We think the car was a smaller blue car, but not positive (this info came from a distant neighbor who saw it happen). Please help me get the word out. I don’t know if this person is local or not, so i need this email to go primarily to the outskirts of this downtown Marietta area, but I guess she could be in Kennesaw, Acworth, Canton, Woodstock, etc. If you wouldn’t mind, please forward this on to ANYONE in the surrounding area. We miss our girl, and pray that she is in the arms of someone who cares enough for her to come looking for her home! She is a precious baby. Thank you for your help!

3-4 pounds
Tan in color with white markings on forehead, chest, and belly (she also has some noticeably black hairs that run through the tan color on her back and tail, as you can see in the photo)
NO tag or chip


I sincerely hope that the woman who picked up the dog plans on trying to send her home. There’s been no news yet from any of the places that you would ordinarily call to look for a lost dog.

Today I went to pick McFly up from the vet (I’ll tell you about THAT crazy experience in the morning) and as I was standing in line waiting for my turn, a woman came in with her kids. I didn’t hear their entire conversation but I caught the part where the little girl asked her mother, “Why are we doing this all for a dog we don’t even know? What will we get for this?”

Apparently they found a dog and were taking it to the vet for one reason or another. I didn’t hear that part of the conversation. But I did hear the mother’s wise, kind and decent answer to her daughter’s question.

She told her daughter, “We get to return a pet to it’s family, and when we do, we’ll have caused so much happiness that we can’t help but be happy ourselves. It’s a wonderful feeling to do something good for someone else. When we see the dog and his family reunited, we’ll have a gift that you can’t buy with money.”

Of course, the mother was right. And I wish that the lady who picked up Rosie gets the chance to experience that same wonderful feeling!

If you would like to help in the search for Rosie, send a link to this post to everyone in your address book, even if they don’t live in Marietta, Georgia or the United States of America. Maybe they DO know someone around here! I’m counting on those “Six Degrees of Separation” to help find this dog.
Here’s the link to send all of your friends:

They say that you can accomplish a LOT with the Internet…let’s see if we can use it to return an adorable little dog to it’s home and family. Wouldn’t that be cool?

So, let the search begin…where is Rosie?




  1. Ask them to also post Rosie on, and These sites are wonderful, and one (if not both) will also put out the word to shelters and vets.

    So sad to hear about this. One of my worst nightmares (and I’ve actually had nightmares on this subject) is losing one of my dogs and never knowing what happened. For so many of us, our dogs are our children.

    It’s also more sketchy with the little dog breeds, because people are more apt to consider keeping them, compared to larger dogs.

    I’ll keep Rosie and her family in my prayers.


  2. What a great idea! I hadn’t heard of those sites before but thanks to you…a LOT of people will learn about them today. I forwarded your comment to Rosie’s family.

    Thank you so much!

    I have 2 cats and 1 HUGE dog and they ARE my children. Stewie (the younger cat) got outside on the coldest night of the year and he was gone all night. (I don’t let my cats outside) I was in tears and wandering around the neighborhood for half the night with a flashlight. It WAS a nightmare!


  3. You’re very welcome. : )

    I hope they do find Rosie, and that the woman who picked Rosie up will do the right thing. I’m glad, at the least, that the family knows that Rosie did get picked up off the road.

    Also, at those lost pet sites I mentioned above, they have tips for searching for lost animals.

    I use the sites myself trying to find dog owners (I have a small dog rescue) when I find lost dogs in our area.

    Also, be sure they check the lost and found section of their local newspapers, post Rosie in the lost section, and that they give a description and photo to the local dog shelters, and to any dog rescues in the area.

    It’s great that they’re putting up the posters. I’d put them up everywhere I could. I’m hoping, once the vets in the area know, that whomever picked up Rosie eventually brings her to the vet and she could perhaps be found that way. Especially if she has a microchip.

    If I were the family, I’d also try to get Rosie featurd on the local news or in the newspaper as a human interest story. It’s very difficult to get lost dogs on the news, but worth at least a try. The newspaper may be easier — a good angle would be the children having lost their dog.

    Keeping Rosie and everyone in my prayers, and looking forward to a wonderful, happy reunion.


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