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Rosie was hit by a car and she died on Sunday, August 24th.

Rosie was hit by a car and she died on Sunday, August 24th.

I just received this sad email:

I talked with a lady at the Emergency Vet this morning. We agreed after her giving me a long description and scenario, that it was Rosie who was brought in last Sunday after being hit by a car. She had bad injuries and was in a lot of pain, so they put her down. The kind lady who brought her in offered to pay whatever it took to fix her, but the docs said it wasn’t worth it. So, as sad as it is to write this, we are so thankful to have closure. Thank you, my friends, for all of your encouragement, your prayers, and all your help (and your patience with my pleading for help!).
Much love,

Meghan and family

It never occurred to me that something could have happened to Rosie, I thought that lady who picked her up took her home. I never stopped to think that the blanket might have been a clue. If tings had to turn out this way, at least Rosie wasn’t alone. Far too many people would have just driven away.

You know, about 8 years ago I started seeing sympathy cards for pets. My first thought was, “How ridiculous and what a tacky way to make money!”

But after giving it some thought and certainly after having Payton, I realize what an important place that our pets hold in our family. A family’s entire dynamic changes when a pet is gone.

Payton is my friend, my shoulder to cry on, my protector and my alarm clock most mornings. I could list a bunch more jobs that Payton performs for me but you get the picture. He’s a loyal member of this family, he won’t ever change his mind and leave. He would never hurt me and he would never let anyone else hurt me either. He’s my buddy, by hiking partner and my Frisbee teammate.

If he were to be taken away, I wouldn’t know what to do. How do you fill those roles? It isn’t easily done. Meghan’s family is adjusting to life without Rosey now and that’s as sad as it can be. Someday Rosey will be a pleasant memory, but right now, she is a vital member of the Respess family who will be sorely missed.

Thanks to all of you who tried to help find Rosie. You’re kindness is greatly appreciated.

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