Posted by: anniewilson | September 2, 2008

Comparing Husbands

While FB was over here this weekend, I showed him some pictures of my son’s college graduation. He pointed something out that I had never noticed before…my husbands look alike. Here they are:

I do see some similarities, it’s true. But I also see some differences. Rick is a head taller, a tad fatter, a HELLUVA lot balder and he has bigger boobs. Mark is a tad pudgy himself and he even has a couple of man boobs of his own. If he gains any more weight, his boobs will outdo Rick’s boobs.

Marks ears are much bigger than Rick’s. It’s not that Mark’s ears are particularly large, but Rick’s are like mutant small. When Mark smiles, he still has apples in his cheeks. Rick smiles with his jaw fat.

At first glance they seem to be standing alike but if you look at Rick, he has a bit of a Billy Bob Thorton in Switchblade stance. You sort of want to offer him a mustard biscuit.

How about you guys? How many differences can you spot in these two pictures?



  1. i saw a funny cartoon in which a husband came late and his wife was ready to give him a warm welcome with stick and empty wine bottles

    Tag: Funny pictures

  2. They aren’t the brightest creatures ever created.


  3. you are funny!

  4. They don’t look anything alike lmaoo a couple dufuses no doubt but not alike

  5. A couple of dufuses, LOLOLOL…well that’s something!

  6. gag.. they’re not very pretty.

  7. Hey girl, send me a link to your WordPress page!

  8. oops, how stupid of moi – I can’t believe i forgot – how can I have forgotten?? Omg, I’m so worried, I’ve been having too many senior moments!

  9. Well, you know how stupid we first wives are…until we write a book that turns into a movie.


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