Posted by: anniewilson | September 2, 2008

My brief, online affair with my husband

A while back I found my husband’s profile on Plenty Of Fish, a free dating site. If Rick would have any dating profile, that’s the one he would have. It fits his budget. Anyway, knowing him like I do, I was able to set up a fake profile of someone that I thought he would like. I was right…within 24 hours, he sent an email to “Sarah”. This is the entire communication that I had with him before he found me out…the time gave it away, I was on EST and he was on MST. Oh well, it couldn’t have lasted forever, with Rick, nothing does.

It’s nice to know that he didn’t leave me right when he learned the value of honesty. He’s still lying to women and I’m just glad it’s not me this time. He told Sarah that he had been divorced for a year…I wonder if that means that I too am divorced! He told Sarah that his “ex took everything”. Well, I didn’t TAKE anything, he left it all when he left me. Then he implied that I cheated on him. Notice that he didn’t have any specific accusations, he just implied it. He said that I stayed out at night…and the only time I did that was when I was doing stand up and I BEGGED him to come watch me. I didn’t know that those evenings were his time to call his girlfriends.

So, he lied to Sarah big time but that’s OK, because Sarah lied like a rug herself. You’d think that he would start to get the message after a while, but he doesn’t. My e-affair with Rick is over…but here is the correspondence from our short-lived relationship, in the order that they took place, starting with his first email to Sarah…I left all of his grammatical and spelling mistakes the way they were sent to me and I had to dumb my own writing down a bit so as to hide my own identity:

Hi, I really like your profile. I just moved her in june from back east to take care of my mother. I’m just getting settled in and looking for a friend to start and go from there. If your interested, write back.

Hi! I enjoyed getting your e-mail and look forward to learning more about you. Your profile says that you came here for your family, that’s nice. How old are your kids? I am about to leave for a short vacation, but I will still be able to e-mail you. Maybe we will get to know each other really good before I get back. So, where did you move here from?

Hi Sarah, It was nice of you to respond. My Is Rick,my mother has COPD,it’s a breathing disease.I don’t know about good son it’s just thr right thing for me and her.I was born in Helena and i grew up in the Great Falls area,I have 2 sons 27,23 they live in Virginia. I’m jealous (taking vacation),hope you enjoy yourself. So tell me a little more about self.

Nice to meet you! I am going to Idaho to visit my mother. She isn’t doing too well either so I go to visit her once a month so it’s not really a vacation per se, but I am actually taking my vacation this time to visit her and I will be there for a week. I’m leaving after work Friday, it’s about a 5 hour drive. Virgina huh? I have never been but I’ve heard nice things about it. So, you are an electronic technician? Do you fix computers? I could use a person who knows about them! I have so many problems with mine. I was widowed 10 years ago and I remarried but it turned out to be a huge mistake and I got out of that one quickly. So, now I am just a single mom again. I moved here to get away from my ex, he is still in Idaho and I am hoping that he doesn’t find out that I’m there when I go. Do you have MSNor something that we could chat on? How about a picture of yourself? I’d like to email you again but I hate going through this thing because I get a bunch of IM’s when I come on. Would you like to chat with me?

Sarah,It’s nice to meet you. So how old are your kids? If you would like to email me direct it’s ************,I know about those im’s i hate them.I would love to chat with you,right now i use my dad’s computer but i’m over there everyday and he has msn messenger and i also usemy computer at work. My next purchaseis going to be a computer,my ex got everything so i came up here with just some clothes but that’s okay because i can always buy material things,just having piece of mind and being with my family is worth it. As soon as i can find a picture i will send you one.Well guess i better start working,talk to later.

Dear Sarah,
Yes you can download any of them,I haven’t used any of them so i don’t know which one is the best,I know my stepmother has msnmessenger. I’ve been divorced for one year and i figured it’s time to meet someone to enjoy different things with. How long have you been divorced? Girls, I hear there pretty tough to raise, I kinda wished i had a girl but my boys were no picnic.

It is a beautiful day isn’t it, I went home for lunch and didn’t want to come back.I came up from Atlanta,Ga I lived there about 10 years and before that New York and then Virginia, We moved there when i was 12. Well glad i have your email and will talk to you later.

One year? Oh what fun. What happened if you don’t mind me asking? I have been divorced for 3 years, it was pretty bad. Like I said, I was widowed before and I lost all of my widow benefits by marrying a drunk. It didn’t work because I don’t drink. Well, I do, but maybe two or three tops but that’s rare. What do you do for fun? I have pretty much kept up my camping skills. That’s so nice, just being up in the mountains. I sit here looking at them all the time wishing I were up there. Well, maybe after I get back from Idaho. You can’t dance? I hate dancing. I hope you don’t want to ever go dancing.

It just seemed that i was the only one trying and kept getting accused of cheating for the last 5 years which i wasn’t but isn’t that what they all say but i feel it was the other way but i’m not sure but she did stay out very late alot of nights so i just could take it anymore. And no i don’t think i will want to go dancing. I do love the outdoors but i haven’t kept up on my camping skills so maybe you can help me out there.I just started working out again and i guess i just like the simple things but open for anything.

Dear Rick,
Yes, the simple things are all I need. I’d love to take you camping. I work out, too. Where do you work out? I’ve been on both ends of the trust thing, where I wasn’t trusted and where I had a hard time trusting. I don’t know which is worse. I know what you mean waiting up all night. My husband would lie to me about where he was and I had a hard time trusting him because of that. Then he didn’t trust me, but I think it was mostly his drinking. I’m glad you don’t want to go dancing.

So you’re kids are grown? Will they be visiting you any time soon or will you go see them? I’m sure you must miss them.
My brother-in-law is an electronics technician and he works on computers, but he is too far away to help me figure out how to work my webcam. Do you know anything about them? Also, when did you want to try to chat? I’m leaving late Friday night after work or early Saturday morning to go to Mother’s, so Thursday night or Saturday night would be good for me. I’ll be at Mother’s all week until the first of October. Hopefully I’ll get home Saturday and have Sunday off before I have to go back to work on Monday.
Looking forward to chatting with you, hope to hear from you soon.


Dear Sarah,
I work out at the glacier gym,my boss knows the owner and it’s close to work so i go right after work. Yeah I miss my kids but they have there own live going,you know how that is in your 20’s,maybe next year i will go vist them.I would be happy to try to help you with your computer. So if we chat tonight what would be a good time? For me it would be after 7:30. Just let me know.


I started writing you an email and when I did, I accidentally hit something and it disappeared! I don’t know if it went to you or if it just disappeared. I have been to Glacier Gym, wouldn’t it be funny if we knew each other! I still don’t know what you look like. Where do you work? I work at Peak Real Estate, I am going to take a course in Real Estate in about a month. I’m so excited about that. It does make me mad that if I had never married again I would still have my widow benefits. My first husband was in the Air Force. He was a pilot and he was killed in an excercise and I had enough benefits to where I would never have to work again. Oh well, we live and learn! I can be here at 7:30, if I’m late, I’ll email you. I was going to use my daughter’s name but she said that if I did, all of her friends would IM me so I am going to create another one when I get home. Then, I’ll email you to let you know the name and I will make sure that you know I am gonna be there. OK, I have to get back to work, look forward to chatting tonight!

SarahWell I’m 6’2″ about 210 pounds have brown eyes,brown hair except on top where there’s a bald spot as soon as i can find a picture i will email it to you. I work at ********* the only repair shop in town,when i moved here i just called them up and ask them if they were looking for experienced tech so that’s how got the job, next month i will be starting a second job at ****************.I’m sorry to her about your husband i have alot of respect for pilots,I was in the Marine Corps and my brother-in-law is a 1st Lt in the Army,but sorry to her about your ex, we all make mistakes it’s how we deal with them that matters. Well it sure is nice emailing you and looking forward to chatting with you, have a great day.

I must say, that was a lot of fun. He’s quite a catch…doncha think?



  1. That is good stuff, clever, so how did he find out Sarah was you?

    Such a smuck, free or not, what kind of jag joins a dating service while married? My ex continually accused me of cheating, my guess is, a cheating spouse absolves one of any responsibility for the failed marriage.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you.
    He figured it out somehow by the times. That what I was talking about when I mentioned that I was on EST, he on MST. I don’t know exactly how, he just said that he knew from the times. Yeah, he’s nothing if not STUPID.

  3. I really enjoyed that (sorry for u)
    My story is i just married a man form a site and now i’ve read some of the emails from him to an previous affair. Needless to say they have exchanged #’s (except he gave her his work #. I confronted him only for him to tell me he din’t go through it.

  4. Need any advice or someone to talk to since i moved here where he works.

  5. Hi, I have been reading your posts for a while and I must say, this was a great one!

    First sign up someone cheating is they accuse you of doing it. When my x cheated on me I put a caller ID on the phone line and hid it. Busted, that and the fact she got knocked up gave it away. I’m fixed so…

  6. Well done to expose the asshole! My husband has cheated on me over the internet with a slut called Len via webcam, caught them in the act, also after i kicked him out and he was trying to get back with me. Her name was Clare. Then came Zoe and now he lives with Joanne and has cheated on her with me! Sounds pretty bad doesn’t it. Luckily I have moved on and would prefer to be single that with a drunken idiot like that!

  7. Good job! The best move is sleeping with him while some bimbo is waiting for him. That’s a move I can only hope to someday execute!

    Assholes, all of them.

  8. Now for the tricky bit, how do i let this girl know that he has been unfaithful to her without anyone knowing where the information came from. Does anyone have any really sneaky plots/plans. i need to do it very soon. Strike whil the iron is hot so to speak.

  9. You send me all the info and I do it without ever using your name. I pretend to be the one he cheated with. He won’t know what hit him. You should see the one I’m working on now!

    If we do this, I would remove all of your comments from this blog and I would post it on my home blog.

  10. How would you do this? Aren’t you in the US? i am in Australia. can’t do it on the dating websites as i know he doenst log on to them anymore.

  11. LOLOL…trust me, this crap gets around. I’ve outed Aussies before and I’ve caused grief all over the place. I would have to hear the details first so why don’t you email me at

    It would depend upon the circumstances. Tell me the basics and I’ll send you my idea. You would be aware of what I was doing, no surprises for the innocent. He wouldn’t have to find ME…I would get to him and the hoe one way or another.

    Trust me, this is what I do!

  12. Karma has bitten him on the bum! the girlfriend has kicked him out and he renting a room with uni students. he has ended up with nothing.

  13. Congrats! It was BOUND to happen sooner or later. I’m so glad that it happened sooner for you! I hope he watches the students and wants them, you and others who no longer want him!

  14. Hell, you could throw a rock into a homeless shelter and hit someone better than a cheater.


  15. LOL you folks are funny. You should join NewPal and post this crap there -people on there would love it. here: enjoy. 🙂

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