Posted by: anniewilson | September 16, 2008

Pictures from Drop Dead Diva shoot

Good morning!

I finally got the pictures from the chick who remembered to bring a camera to the Drop Dead Diva shoot.

When I first started doing movies, I was so excited about it that I always brought a camera. Then, I started working for Tyler Perry and he doesn’t allow cameras on his shoots. So, between Tyler’s rules and the fact that I’m getting pretty used to working on movie sets, I never think to bring a camera.

But, I can always count on SOMEONE to bring one and the Drop Dead Diva shoot wasn’t any different. A very nice lady named Nancy had a camera and she took a bunch of pictures for some of us. Here are some pics of some of the fun people that I ended up hanging out with. There’s a lot of sitting around time during a shoot so we usually make a friend or two during the long hours of sitting around waiting for the scenes to be shot.

 A doctor, another nurse and a patient. This patient had his own walking stick so he stayed a patient all day. 

This is Gary, he’s been doing this for a while too. 

Here’s some crazy nurse who likes to flirt with men who aren’t doctors, but play them in movies. (Yes, I AM the crazy nurse.)
And what day would be complete if I couldn’t find some handsome young thing to cuddle up to! This is Brian, an aspiring actor who has so much going for him that I’m sure you’ll see him someday!



  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA very nice lady named Nancy had a camera and she took a bunch of bpictures/b for some of us. Here are some pics of some of the fun people that I ended up hanging out with. There’sa lot of sitting around time during a shoot so we usually b…/b […]

  2. Unknown? Me? My frickin’ name is right there ya dufus.

  3. Hey! Sounds like this was a fun shoot, and handsome young things are always good 😉 Was Sean Maher already in Atlanta filming when you were working on that shoot? I help maintain a website about him and we were very excited to hear he’s been cast in Drop Dead Diva, so we’re wondering if he’s already working on the show!

  4. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the guy who played the angel. I think he’s the dark haired guy dressed all in white who explained to Brooke that she was dead and stuck in another body.

    Cute, yeah. But young.


  5. Cool, thank you so much! 🙂 This is probably not a question you can answer, but does it sound like that angel is going to be a recurring role? I would love that, but then I’m a little biased. 😉 (I will agree on the cute – he doesn’t seem too young to me, but then I’m in my 20s, so, it’s all relative!)

    Also, I’m curious: do you only work on shoots in Georgia, or do you travel around to wherever there’s work?

  6. I personally only work in Georgia although I have worked out of state a few times. If that’s the right guy, I would think the recurring role thing could go either way. I can see them incorporating the angel and I could also see them never going back to him. They really don’t tell the background people much at all, we hear more from each other than they tell us. I usually learn more by looking it up online.


  7. Ha! I’m not really surprised. I go to grad school on a campus that’s often used by film crews but we never get to know anything that’s going on even though it’s our classrooms that are being taken over… it must be interesting though, to piece it all together with the info online and what you see on a shoot. 🙂 And I have to say I didn’t even realize that many productions shoot in Georgia, but it’s good to know we don’t just see NYC, L.A. and Toronto and Vancouver pretending to be NYC and L.A. 😉 That’s a photo of Sean, btw – if that helps identify him!

  8. Yeah, I looked him up ysterday. The guy was about 5′ 10″ tall and he had that exact hair. I didn’t notice him for a while because I had never seen him before. When someone who you don’t know walks on set, you assume he or she is one of extras. When you see this show, you’ll see what I mean. If that’s not him, it could be his stand in, they look too much alike.

    This show was supposed to be taking place in LA so people were dressed in summer clothes. A LOT of stuff is done down here. Tyler Perry alone keeps most of the Atlanta acting community working.


  9. The guy I was thinking of was Josh Berman. Now that I’ve seen a picture of him, I’m sure of it.


  10. Hey Annie. I know I’m probably a little late asking this, but I just found out a few days ago that Drop Dead Diva was shooting in GA. I wanted to know if they are still filming, and where? I know I read Decatur on another website. I live in Marietta, so I don’t live too too far away-lol I am a Sean Maher fan too, so that is why I was asking. 🙂

  11. I can’t say for sure but what I can tell you is that just about everyone who worked on the production end of Diva is now working on Your Presence is requested.

    All of these productions move around. They have a location scout who finds places they need, like the abandoned hospital that I worked on BOTH Diva and YPR in.

    That’s how I “get in” with these people, you pretty much see the same people on all of the projects. Last week I worked with almost the entire production crew that I worked with on Diva only we were working on YPR.

    Diva was here for a while, I know that. I would GUESS that they’re in post-prduction right now. But, if I hear otherwise, I’ll let you know!

    : )

  12. Thanks for letting me know. My uncle used to occasionally try out to be an extra for movies. The only one that I know he was definitely in was “The Gift.” So I can say my uncle got to sit behind Greg Kinnear-lol Lucky dog!

    I personally have never been on a movie set, but I bet I would love it. I enjoy seeing what goes on behind-the-scenes!

    I know this is probably a long shot, but are there any websites that you know of that have a list of movies, and where they are currently filming? I never could figure out how my uncle found his resources-lol

    Yes, please let me know if you hear anything else about Diva. Can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  13. Now you’re asking a question that I can answer. I don’t know what state you’re in but in Georgia, ANY production that wants to film here has to be licensed by the state. Go to your official state website and find their specific Film Commission. They could call it something different in every state so you may have to make a call or two. Then, you get the production company, call them and see who’s doing their casting and/or extras casting. Then, you get their email addy and send them a picture of your self. You know, I’m going to write an entire post about this as soon as I suck some coffee. I got out of bed thinking it was 6 and it was 3. I was too far into the waking up process to go back to sleep so here I am in the middle of the night.

    : )

  14. Duh…I just saw that you lived in Marietta. Email me at and let me get more specific with you.


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