Posted by: anniewilson | September 17, 2008

I’ll take Palin and her husband

What's the difference between a title and a caption?


It has been a very boring election year indeed. If you leave out the gaffe’s made by each of the candidate’s, you really have nothing note-worthy going on. Obama isn’t too bright and he’s as slick as was BJ Billy. If he were to be president, we would have another Teflon leader because he doesn’t seem like a “buck stops here” kinda guy.

McCain isn’t any brighter and he’s missing a neck. I don’t know what happened to it, but it’s not where you’d expect it to be. I’m sure that there’s a good reason for some of this stuff and I’m sure that this is politically incorrect, but what the heck is going on with his arms? He moves like my first Ken doll if Ken was a short-gray haired old man.

And as far as issues go, all I know is that Obama says, “I won’t use force!” and McCain says, “I’ll kill the SOB’S!!!” It’s a contest to see who can be nicer or meaner…depending on the respective parties.

I don’t like Obama and it has nothing to do with racism, I just don’t like people who dance around the truth and refuse to answer questions with a straight answer. Of course, the no-neck dude is just as bad.

I had NO idea who to vote for. It was bad enough just watching the candidates but then their wives came out. One of them has a big mouth and the other just sits there with a stupid look on her face. Neither of those attributes are attractive if you ask me.

So, I looked to the vice presidential candidates. I don’t remember anything from Joe Biden since the impeachment which was 10 years ago. What the heck has he been doing since then?

Sarah Palin came on the scene at about the time I went back in time by switching to a satellite TV server. I haven’t heard all the nasty things that people have been saying about her so I don’t know what not to like. But, I do still have my computer and I saw an interview with the “First Dude” of Alaska.

NOW I know who to vote for. McCain, of course. I want to see more of that fisherman dude who works on a manly sounding “North Slope”. He’s not only easy on the eyes, he seems honest. He’s supportive of his wife, he’s been with her since high school and unless someone pops out claiming an affair with Mrs. Palin’s husband, I think he could keep my interest for a while.

So, after months of indecision, I am voting for the team that has the cute tall guy living a heartbeat from the White House…Todd Palin.




  1. Palin certainly will be entertaining, but I am an Obama guy, I read his book, like his ideas and philosophy. Palin reminds me of a female CEO I once worked for,she was a hotty, she ran the business into the ground, had an affair with the head of the consulting firm hired to turn the company around. Generally message board fodder.

    She was entertaining, but the company went bankrupt.

  2. I hear ya. But to tell you the truth, I think we’re going to hell in a handbasket one way or another. (Whatever the heck “hell in a handbasket” means.


  3. For someone who says that your not liking Obama has nothing to do with Racism, you sure made a lot of racist sounding remarks on your quotes page about him. And whenever someone says that they are not being racist, it sounds racist. Just my opinion. I think you could stand a bit more in depth look into Todd Palin as a regular honest person. If he’s honest, I think he should testify in front of the Republican Alaskan congress.

    OBAMA ’08, ’12.

  4. Well, I guess it depends on your definition of racism. I don’t know YOUR definition so I can’t really answer your allegations. Perhaps I AM racist according to your definition. But, according to MY definition, I am not a racist. It is what it is. So, exactly what is your point?

    Once again, you should learn to be a little less angry. This was all satire, look it up.

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