Posted by: anniewilson | September 21, 2008

Cops, sex and hide and seek

I hate jail and I hate disrespecting my father. The shoot that I’m supposed to go on today starts at 5 AM and I was going to try to make it with no tail lights. That was stupid. Every other car I passed was a cop. I guess they’re still looking for Saturday night drunks.

It was so nerve wracking, every time I saw a cop I turned quickly off the road I was on and pulled into the first parking space and turned off the lights. After I did that 3 times, I started thinking about how stupid it was to do that and how I promised my father that I wouldn’t drive the car illegally. So, I just crossed me fingers, put the hazard lights on and took the car home.

I called the casting dude and told him, he said just to get here “as soon as you can”. So, the day isn’t a total waste.

You know that sick feeling in your stomach that you get when you’re a teenager and get pulled over? That feeling pretty much goes away as you get older because you’ve had a few tickets and survived so you know what to expect. This morning I had that sick feeling the entire time I was playing hide and go seek with the cops. I think it was more about my father than anything else. If they stopped me, they could have impounded the car, I don’t know what they would have done with it.

One thing I know for sure, I don’t want to call my father and say, “Dad, you know that car you’re letting me use? Well, I drove it illegally and now I need a couple hundred bucks to get it out of impound.” He’s not a “Oh well, these things happen.” sort of guy. Even at my age, I still don’t want to get in trouble with my father. I guess that’s the years of fear and intimidation that my father reigned over during my formative years.

Even my mother was a bit intimidated, she didn’t say, “Wait until your father gets home!”…she said, “Shit, your father will be home soon, clean the house and shut up about everything bad that happened today! HURRY!”

I certainly have my moments when I know that I’m right or at least I know that I have the right to my own opinion. During those times I’ll stand up for myself or let the old man think whatever he wants to think. But there’s no excuse for showing disrespect to someone who is doing you a favor. If you do that, you won’t get too many favors in the future. So, the car is out in the driveway, safe and sound and I am going to be a good girl and leave it there.

That guy who I mentioned in the post about men wanting sex told me that he would “take a look at it”. But he’s said that about 3 times and nothing has happened yet. You know, he has a lot of nerve trying to get in my pants without so much as a peek under my hood. The more I think about it, the more irritated I become.

Some men (not ALL of them of course) are about at selfish as they can be. As I’ve said before, they ALL have a distorted view of their love-making abilities and they think that you will enjoy sex as much as they will. Well, chances are less than 14% that a woman will enjoy first time sex with any given guy. Hell, I dated Rick for 4 years before he saw to it that I enjoyed it too.

So, since I KNOW that I most likely wouldn’t “enjoy” the sex as much as the guy would, tell me something…what’s in it for me? And…if a guy doesn’t see to it that a woman enjoys sex, what does that make the woman? A really warm jerk off with boobs and an ass? Yeah right. Not this bitch.

I’ve also mentioned before that I would NEVER let a guy get 2 orgasms up on me. It just won’t happen. If he gets a nut and then even THINKS about getting another one without considering reciprocation…I will pull down the shades and declare, “NO SEX FOR YOU!” just like the Soup Nazi did in Seinfeld…only he said it about soup, not sex.

Have you ever slept with a Middle-Eastern guy? OMG! Don’t bother. 25 years ago it wasn’t any good, I can’t imagine that sex for Middle-Eastern women has gotten any better since the Taliban took over. These guys treat their women like the ultimate sperm dumpster. Their baseball field has no bases, just home plate and they knock over the catcher when they “score”.

Once again, I have digressed. But, that’s how my mind works.

That nit wit dude has one week, that’s all I’m giving him. He has a daughter, so does my father. I should set his daughter up with my father. That’ll teach him. Anyway, in that one week, two things better happen. First, my car needs attention. Secondly, I’m done playing defense with a guy who asked me “Why?” when I said that I wasn’t comfortable enough to have sex. What a stupid question. If he couldn’t kiss me into it, he certainly wasn’t going to talk me into it.

What possible argument could he use? See, it’s just such a bonehead question because there’s nothing that a guy can say to any answer I give him. But…some of them do try to talk you into it as though you’ll say, “Well, now that you explain it like that, I’m much more ready to spread my legs for you. How silly of me to have considered MY feelings?”

Asking a woman why she won’t give it up is one of the top 5 dumbest questions of all time. It’s even above that dumb ass question that cops ask after a pursuit, “Why did you run from us?”

DUH! They’re the cops. They’re supposed to catch crooks. The crooks are supposed to run away. That’s just the way it works. And, women are supposed to put the breaks on sexually until it’s the right time for her. That could be on a first date, a third or even a 30th. There’s no reason in the world to screw EVERY SINGLE GUY who tries…you’d never have time to shower.

More women need to learn how to say “No!” to men. At least until it’s what they want as well. I know that some people have sex because they can, no other reason. And it’s easier to just do it than it is to argue with a guy.

EPIPHANY!!! You know, I just changed my mind…I’m not going to see Why dude anymore at all. I don’t need a guy to tell me what this guy is thinking. I can figure him out by myself…for some reason, he thinks that I am an easy lay. Aha! I sure don’t know what made him think that but that’s the only explanation for a guy to ask such a stupid question before he’s so much as complimented a lady, much less professed some sort of feelings for her.

Ya think?



  1. You really need to get better at picking male companions. We’re not all selfish jerks, in fact my rule has been since my 20’s, the woman I am with orgasms first. Might want to re-evaluate the type men you chose to date.

  2. I hear ya dude, but they come from all walks of life, there’s nothing the same about them except for their atrocious behavior during a date. But, you are right, I am going to get a bit pickier…I thought my standards were high enough, but obviously I was wrong!

    By the way…I LOVE your rule!


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