Posted by: anniewilson | September 21, 2008

The type of woman who gives us ALL a bad name

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Associated Press

WINNIPEG, Canada — A Winnipeg man awaiting trial for rape has had all charges dropped after the alleged victim admitted she sent the accused cards and explicit love letters behind bars.
Crown prosecutor Wendy Friesen initially told court earlier this month that the woman adamantly denied sending the letters and that they must have been forgeries.
But after a brief recess, Friesen said the woman changed her story and admitted she had written them.
The woman claimed in the letters that she missed the accused and was pregnant with his child.
The woman had originally claimed the accused broke into her home in October 2007, choked her, forced her to drink alcohol and snort cocaine, and then took advantage of her after she passed out.
Defense lawyer Sheldon Pinx said the woman should be charged with mischief, obstruction of justice or even perjury.

This type of women does more to harm other women than most men can do. A man will offend one woman at a time, another woman offends us all. And it is just frightening that a person could even SIT in jail based on the word of some crazy female.



  1. If she had not written those cards and letters-that man would have been convicted. I think there are alot of men that have been convicted of sex crimes with no other evidence than the word of a woman. NOT FAIR at all!

  2. Isn’t it frightening? Men are not as evil as Lifetime makes them out to be and NO ONE deserves to be in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. And you’re right, if the whack job hadn’t sent those letters, he very well may have gone to prison for a LONG time. It makes you wonder how many innocent people are in jail NOW!

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