Posted by: anniewilson | September 26, 2008

Give me my money back!

I’m a little disgusted with the government bailout of numerous large corporations but it looks like it’s going to happen no matter what we think. You may remember that I am running for President, I just don’t get any press coverage because I make too much sense. No one wants to see a populace the size of America galvanized by outrage over the massive media manipulation that seems to be working so well. Like Paul Revere, I try to sound the alarm that “The government is coming, the government is coming!”

This time the government is coming and they’re going to give up to ONE TRILLION dollars to a bunch of huge corporations. You can’t even get an argument out of the 2 major presidential candidates…everyone seems to be in on this swindle of monstrous proportions.

The solution doesn’t even make sense. The government says that the economy is so bad that people are unable to pay their bills and therefore, OUR money needs to go to the huge corporations who are taking homes away from financially strapped families. First of all, the fact that the government even has ONE TRILLION dollars to give away is proof positive that we have been WAY overtaxed. Perhaps if we had been able to keep the money, we could have paid the bills in the first place. And secondly, if WE are the ones who can’t afford to pay the bills, why not give us our money back and then WE’LL give it to the banks? That way, we can keep our houses and live a little bit more securely.

It’s a little plan I call “Trickle Up” economics. It has never been tried before in the history of mankind because like royalty cling to their crowns, governments cling to our money.

When our government gives that money to the corporations, capitalism will cease to exist in this country and corporatism will begin. The politicians will try to make this sound morally right when they say inane things like, “We won’t make tax payers pay for the gas in the CEO’s helicoptors!” as though that makes it a less bitter pill to swallow.

When the government gives money away, they impose their own rules and conditions. Then the entity that received the money is at the mercy of the government to some extent.

If this had happened in Russia, we would all see it for what it is.



  1. Way to go you are so right and I totally agree loved reading this. Thanks

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