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OJ Attorney Yale Galanter said it was not a happy day for anybody.        

BUT HE WAS WRONG!!!        

While most of you were sleeping, the OJ Simpson jury came back with a GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES verdict against Nicole Brown Simpson’s…last visitor. How Galanter can think that this “isn’t a happy day for anyone” is beyond me. Off the top of my head, I can think of a LOT of people who think that this is a HAP-HAP HAPPY DAY…Ron Goldman’s family, Nicole Simpson’s family, ME and every single person that I know for starters.

As a matter of fact, I can’t think of anyone except Orenthal James Simpson and his lawyer who would NOT be having a great day today. In Vegas the cops are happy, certainly if you ask the “Las Vegas police officers who were heard in the recordings chuckling over Simpson’s misfortune and crowing that if Los Angeles couldn’t “get” him, they would.”

If this had been ANY OTHER American in the history of Americans (with the possible exception of Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy) I might have complained that every single bit of this case stunk of collusion by the Las Vegas justice community. But, since it was Orenthal, every body’s favorite homicidal running back, I wish I had been there to high 5 those cops who are so proud of themselves for “getting” the one that LA let get away.

Today is what you call a RED LETTER DAY for a crazy little phenomenon called KARMA!!!

A jury free of “ringers” came back with the guilty verdicts in well under a day. Yet, they took at least 5 times longer to convict the man than first jury took to clear him of all charges. I MUST give the Vegas jury more credit because THEY gave justice MUCH more respect than did the LA jury. I find it so ironic that if the first jury had convicted him on lesser charges than homicide, he might be out by now, or at least he’d have a chance of getting out someday. But this way, we can all be assured that, most likely, the SOB will spend the rest of his miserable, useless life behind bars.

The Brothers might kiss his ass in prison but I bet a dollar to a donut that there will be at least a few Crackers who would consider Orenthal’s ass a bit of a trophy. If there are any such Cracker prisoners out there, leave a comment, I’d love to know how you feel.

Let me think for a moment…if Nicole and Ron have been gone for 14 years right now, I believe that makes Nicole’s children old enough to walk hand in hand with their father through the cameras surrounding the spectacle. But, I never saw either one of them walking into court with Dear Ol’ Dad. Arnelle, the perennial hand-holding daughter was there, but not the two children of a murdered mother. I wonder why that was? Do they know something that Arnelle refuses to know?

So, Yaley boy, exactly where are the people who are not happy today? I don’t know about the circles you run in but sign on to your computer and look around! Just a quick peek around the Net popped up these glowing endorsements and opinions:

The Kansas City Star described Simpson as “Hall-of-Fame running back and social pariah“.

Recent Comments left to and about Simpson:

“WOO WHOO!!! Rot in the cell…Fry in HELL OJ…”

“…It’s time for Simpson to go to jail. Just like Rodney King, he’s had more “second chances” than anyone deserves…”

“I lost all respect for the great American Justice when OJ got away with murder!”

Some dude named Muhammad that knows an English idiom, but not grammar states:

“O.J is an Idiot in my book need go jail”

Actually, I can’t find anyone other than Yale who WOULDN’T be happy today. OK…I’ll give ya OJ and 4 family members. But I refuse to believe that ANY family has MORE than 4 morons at any given time. Even the Osbornes only have 4 on TV, the rest are smart enough to leave us alone. Think about it, 4 Beverly Hillbillies, 4 Bundies, and 4 idiots in The Family Guy. (The dog and the baby are rather bright, for a dog and a baby.) So, MAYBE 4 of OJ’s relatives believe he didn’t kill Ron and Nicole, but no more. That’s 6 unhappy people at the most.

Who the hell isn’t happy about this?




Now that everyone is in a good mood, how about some fart humor?



  1. |||||||||You people should be ashamed of yourselves today. ||This is injustice by vengeance.|||||||||||This is perverted justice. |This is why our system is so bad. |No, it’s not the best it could be. America is a second rate system because of this and of course so middle class america can have jobs. |Not gulity means not guilty, you believers in the system that attacts others.thanks for the injustice

  2. It is ABSOLUTELY my pleasure.

    Call it evil, call it vengeance, call it whatever you will. I call it long overdue.


  3. This is shameful…if he was to be convicte of anything…it should have been years ago…13 to be exact. The jurors who SPOKE ABOUT his being guilty then should NEVER ave been on the jury to begin with…pre-established mind set. 9 women, 3 men…no blacks and a trial with CJ as well.

    The people involved were even on OJ’s side…for the most part…and the rest of the weasels made deals/money off of it!

    Who the hell is the government/state attorneys to decide which of the their mind set…gets deals and who gets charges. They were ALL guilty of All Innocent.

    I HATE anyone & Everyone who makes me side with OJ to begin with…but Jezzzz people…this was just a reckoning.

    God has a sense of shining His ways though….it’s hard to argue with all those 13’s.

  4. Don’t feel too badly. I trust that there was plenty of evidence THIS time as well. The only difference is the jury knew what their job was. If I thought this had been a mockery of justice, I might have said something but I have faith in most juries, this one included. When 9 chicks agree he’s guilty, that SOB is guilty as hell. Do you know how tough it is to get 9 women to agree on anything?

  5. This was a total miscarriage of justice in the NV case.
    He was found not guilty of murder even though he definitely killed Ron and Nicole 13 years ago.
    This was obvious payback by the NV jury.
    I am happy for the Goldman’s though.

  6. He had 13 or 14 years to knockabout playing golf. I never thought Nicole’s killer would be found at some of our nicest golf courses, but what do I know? He’ll still be a celebrity in prison, but at least we won’t have to see his mug on the tube all the time.

  7. To say the jurors returned a guilty verdict based on some preconceived notion that he deserved it and/or because he is black and not because of the mountain of evidence that was put before them during the trial is insulting to the jurors and ignorant. If the jurors wrongly convicted OJ then he can appeal the verdict. If the court deems that their verdict is not consistent with the facts then the court can disallow it, declare a mistrial and discharge the jurors. Oj’s lawyers have lots of options. I believe justice was done and that any appeals he initiates will fail.

  8. I totally agree.

    And I can’t help it if it makes me smile. I remember all too well the last verdict so that the nut gave us another chance to lock him up is sweet.

  9. God bless all of you.

    Justice was slow in coming. It is sweet.

    Thank you.


  10. “Justice” or not, OJ is where he belongs. They call it karma, and it was just a matter of time. I bet he is having second thoughts about that book he wrote now. That arrogant SOB no longer has that smirk on his face sitting in his jail cell. Get comfortable, OJ, you are there for the long haul, and God bless the jurors who put you there.

  11. Ain’t it grand?

    I LOVE thinking about him waiting for jail house slop to eat. I hope he’s at the point where he’s looking forward to his tray of shit!

  12. This situation was a “dream come true” and justice was finally served on the man that murdered 2 people and ended up on the golf course for 14 years. That was a sad moment for American justice. Thanks to OJ we got another chance to put his ass where he belonged in the first place!

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