Posted by: anniewilson | October 8, 2008

I’m annoyed at my date, my self and my dog

I’m slightly annoyed today over something that happened last night so pardon me if I seem to be a minor bitch today. Tuesday evenings are my pool league and last night I needed a ride to get there. A guy who I’ve been seeing once or twice a week for about a month called to offer me a ride before I had a chance to start looking for one myself. I was rushed for time so I just thanked him and graciously accepted his offer.

I finished getting ready and at about the same time that I was expecting my ride, I was scurrying around my house, brushing my hair and changing shirts when all of a sudden, I heard someone in my kitchen. I was in my living room by then and my roommate was lying on the couch because she’s been pretty sick for a few days. As soon as I started hearing the person in the kitchen, my roommate and I made eye contact. She had seen my ride walk in without knocking so she knew who it was and I just assumed that’s who it was.

Roomie chick (JC) and I each knew exactly why the other had a dropped chin. Neither of us could believe that the dude just walked into my house without knocking. And I was irritated with Payton because he didn’t make a sound. Like other dogs, Payton knows the sound of familiar cars and people approaching my house. Since Payton knew it who it was, he didn’t give so much as a weak ass “plaintiff wail”. So, a man (CG) walked into my house without so much as a “Howdy doo!” I do not know how my dog knows the different car sounds that accompany each of our vehicles, but he sho’ly do. He knew that this guy was no threat at all.

But…I must say, Payton really dropped the ball on that one.

Anyway, while I was still in the living room, less than a minute from when he walked into my house, I developed one of those plans that I’m always preaching about. I didn’t have time to give it too much thought so I just did the first thing that came to my mind…I ran through my house screaming “Help, help! Call the police!!!” I think that should put a stop to the pop-ins toot sweet. But just in case, I’m keeping my doors locked when I’m expecting him. He could easily catch JC or me running around naked or doing the “Where’s the damn toilet paper, my pants are falling down” waddle. I think it was bad enough that he walked into MY house, but he also walked into JC’s home and that’s way not cool.

Anyway, I finished getting ready and we left for the league. When we got there, I joined my team and played a couple of practice games while CG sat at the bar chatting with friends and playing some sort of counter-top video game. That was fine, when I’m shooting league play, I try to stay as focused as I can so his absence was actually a good thing. He wasn’t really far away at all, but far enough so that I could maintain my focus on the match.

But then, one of my teammates (FB) came in a bit late (he had called earlier so we knew that he’d be late) and when he walked in, he immediately came up to me. He sold a car to JC last week and he wanted to give her the title that he had been carrying around.

Then, at right about that time, CG came over to me and put his arms on the tables to either side of me. He had me sitting in the middle of a triangle made out of his arms and the two tables. They were those high bar tables that you need a stool on which to sit or you could just stand there. CG’s actions spoke loudly and clearly, since I was speaking to FB at the time…and when CG made the triangle restraint for me, he had his back to my teammate. I guess he was trying to end the conversation and totally obliterate FB and my line of sight. I was not delighted about that little maneuver one eensy weensy bit.

I walked away to the other side of the pool table and eventually, CG went back to what he was doing.

Maybe a half an hour later, I called FB over to ask him something. He’s a teammate, a business contact of sorts and he’s been a friend of mine for years. (Regardless of the initials, this guy is NOT my fuck buddy.) All I wanted to know was if he could speak French. He’s from Nigeria and I know a few folks from there who DO speak French. But he only speaks English.

Before FB and I had been speaking for 2 minutes, CG was back again. He put his right arm around my shoulders and looked at FB to his left and said, “What are you doing hitting on my woman?” I was beginning to get downright choleric by that boneheaded junior high behavior. My poor friend said, “I’m not doing anything CG.” Then he walked away. As he did I declared sternly, “I called HIM over here.”

Although my plan was to get out of there early, I didn’t end up shooting until the 4th round out of 5. So, it was pretty late when my game started. On top of that, I had to do all the captain’s work except for the money stuff, I just delegated that pleasant little chore.

So, when it’s my turn to shoot, someone else has to keep score. I delegated that task as well and then I started my match. My opponent was ranked higher than I so he had to beat me 4 times and I had to beat him twice. That was the race. NO one in the league ever, ever gets me 4 games in a row. I may not win 2, but I won’t lose 4 in a row. Ordinarily.

I’m watching my opponent shoot (it’s called respect) while CG walked over and pawed all over me, in a bar, while I’m playing a team sport and in front of close to 50 bar patrons, mostly men. My opponent and I were the only people even close to the pool tables…everyone else was at least 15 feet away. AND…we were at the corner table. People like to watch the leagues shoot, to them we’re really damn good. That means that two walls full of people got a clear look at me being pawed all over and getting my head grabbed and held firmly in place to receive a quick or not so quick kiss. By this time, I was bordering on acrimony.

I don’t do PDA’s in the first place, I sure as hell don’t want to do them while I’m shooting pool for my team. So, when he came near me, I swiftly walked away to the other side of the pool table and stood there for a while.

OK, so let’s look at what happened last night: CG jumped up to surround me so no one else could get close to me. Then, he barked some challenging statement to FB. So, I just had to put the kibosh on CG’s behavior. I also spent some time imagining exactly how much worse this could get…IF I let it.

To top off the entire evening, when the tab came, CG’s “woman” didn’t have very much money and CG knew this. But still, we got separate checks…something he pretty much had to request after we walked in together and sat down next to each each other at one point before I started practicing. It’s not like I had appetizers and dinner, my check was 13 bucks.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but once a male claims ownership of a female, isn’t he obligated to pay her tab? ESPECIALLY if he thinks he’s gonna get a piece of ANYTHING that night. He got “NUT-ING, NUT-ING at ALL!!!” as Sgt. Hans Georg Schultz would say.

It strikes me that CG’s behavior is not much different than my dog’s when he begins to get all protective of me. Oh well, a male is a male is a male.




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  2. yikes, where do you find these losers? Don’t lump his behavior in with the rest of the male population, I would hope he is in the minority. CG sounds like he is stuck in high school, or seen too many episodes of Happy Days. Far as the check goes, that one is on you lady, unless you explicitly asked him to cover your shortfall before you started ordering.

    BUT You really need to find men in a higher income bracket. Picking up a check in a pool hall? that should have been automatic, hell I have 4 sisters, they make me pick up the check every damn time and I sure as hell aint dating them!

  3. gurrrrrl…. I can’t believe the nerve of some mother’s children. This guy has some self esteem issues by his crazy behavior. I liked your blog. My son (who is 23) plays pool too and he loves it so I could relate to the pool thing.

    I hope you kicked this guy to the curb?

  4. I knew the check was on me, but if a guy demands all of my time and attention when I’m out, he bought that chore. Dude, I don’t know where they come from…but I have NO problem finding them. See why I never date one guy for any length of time? If I didn’t know there were normal guys (or so I’ve heard) I would have given up years ago.


  5. Sweetie,

    I needed a ride home so I didn’t say anything that night. My reactions should have been enough. IF he calls me again, I will tell him that he’s outta here!


  6. If all men knew what others say of them, there would not be four friends in the world.BlaisePascalBlaise Pascal

  7. What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.WilliamShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare

  8. I Like this it rely opend my eyes

  9. Great quotes both.


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