Posted by: anniewilson | October 15, 2008

Remember Little Dommy?

Dominic Diangi is the little boy who was hit in the head by a line drive hit off the bat of a real, live Chicago Cub. He is still suffering some residual problems from the beaning he took. I just heard from Dommy’s father:

Hello there,
Dominics father here.
Thank you for the very kind words.
He is doing well. He is back to school and back to playing ball.
He still goes to therapy ( speech) and reading comprehension.
All in all he is prob. 85% himself.
Were all just glad to have him around period.
There is a special account that was opened for him at the Marquette Bank,
14300 82nd Av. Orland Park Illinois. But as of this date the balance is at 0.
I guess word never spread. But thats fine. Were just plugging along, knowing its all in gods hands anyway.
Thanx again.

Pete and Dominic

If anyone has a few spare bucks that they could send to Dommy, I’m sure it would be put to good use.

: )


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