Posted by: anniewilson | October 20, 2008

Is the term Towel Head racist when referring to Iranians?

“…there is so much racism and intolerance in this post!…Calling them “towel heads” and implying that they are all terrorists is so “southern” of you. I’d have to say that the southern states are the most stupid, and you do a great job of proving that point!…”

So says the freakin’ pharisee. I’m not going to bother pointing out the obvious failings of a nit wit who has 2 numbers in his IQ…both under 5. I will say that I specifically added “SOME” Iranians. I know they have some good ones…I saw the movie Not Without My Daughter.

But, in case anyone else out there thinks that “towel head” is a racist term, could you tell me why? This is another example of how different perceptions of the meaning of racism can cause a problem. The guy who said that there was only ONE definition of racism, technically…was right. But practically speaking…he couldn’t have been more wrong.

The definition of racism remains constant but the acts that society (and certain individuals) perceive as racist change with the times. My grandfather was absolutely NOT a racist but he used the term “nigger” in reference to black people. As hideous as that sounds to us now (and to me then for that matter), he meant absolutely no disrespect. When I was a little girl, the term “colored people” was used to refer to black people. Then came the days of “Black Power” and those who said that “We aren’t colored…we’re BLACK!”

Years later, the term “African American” was preferred over black and already I’m hearing black people say, “We’re just AMERICANS!”

One day I wrote an article about the Japanese people and at one point I used the term “Orientals”. I was bombarded with mail telling me that “Oriental” is now considered racist and we must say “Asian”. How ridiculous is that? Oriental means East. Occidental means West. We’re Occidentals, they’re Orientals. How is that any more racist than using the term “Middle Easterners”?

And as I pointed out, a LOT of Iranians DO wear towels on their heads…how is that racist? I’m a redhead, I’ve dated a couple Cheese-heads. My ex had a bald head, the one before that was a bonehead. The baldheaded one was also a pothead. It seems as though all of them were chowderheads, my next hubby will have to be somewhat of an egghead. The boneheaded ex married a cokehead, she’s a bit of a hothead and she acts like a shithead. I used to be a Dead Head but I’m starting to act more like an old blue head. My towheaded brother wore a flathead in the 60’s. My first husband was a Jarhead and he was also quite the thickheaded fathead. So, to the knucklehead who thinks that “towel head” is racist, you are one dunderheaded blockhead. My guess is that you’re also a hotheaded skinhead. What happened to give you such a swelled head?

Now, which of those sentences was racist? Here’s a hint, you’ll find it exactly where you look for it. If you don’t look for it, you won’t see much of it.

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  1. When I was in the military we referred to them as camel jockeys,rag heads,and sand niggers,so I guess towel head is pretty tame.

  2. Uh oh, you know you can’t say that…it’s considered worse than bombing their country!

  3. How ya been? doin good I hope

  4. Bored. I need to find a date for tomorrow night. A magazine is having their premier then and I don’t want to go alone. How quickly could you get up here?


  5. A Tuesday night date? thats gonna be a stretch,whats a magazine premier?I thought a person just bought those at books-a-million.but a good looking,witty,intelligent woman like yourself will find a date quickly.

  6. LOLOL…and where do I hunt for one of them?

  7. Oh, the magazine premiere is a party for the first issue. They’ll have food and entertainment. I’m just going for the free issues that the writers get, and we get in for free.


  8. Free drinks?

  9. Yeah huh. But…mine are always free so that doesn’t impress me.


  10. Free food ,free drinks and good looking ,how could any man resist you

  11. Well, they don’t knock on my door. Where do you find all of these men? Wait, one guy did knock on my door but he just wanted to clean out my gutters.


  12. “clean out your gutters” now thats a new term for it I haven’t heard before

  13. Sorry I guess the gutters is where my mind is.

  14. LOLOLOLOLOL, and to think, I didn’t want it to sound too risque…he actually asked if he could “blow” my gutters. I’m so glad that I toned it down a bit.

    : )

  15. In answer to #11 women don’t seem to have any trouble finding men,its the other way around.

  16. You know, you keep saying that and I still haven’t heard from anyone but you. I have to go with what I have. OK dude, could you at least refer a couple of friends?

  17. I would not wish my friends on any woman,all they want is a mommy to clean ,cook,wash clothes and wipe their asses.Yes you have heard from that guy who said you were a mean bitch in your first post,believe me if I lived in Atlanta I would go with you ,but I hate long road trips.

  18. I was only kidding. But…you explained the reasonaing behind my “one date” rule. No guy asks you to do laundry on the first date.

    : )

  19. OH CRAP! I screwed up my checking account and it’s gonna get worse real soon, like today or tomorrow.


  20. Haaahaaa thats funny about the laundry,how about the second date? when you get tired of this just don’t answer,its all good

  21. You gotta watch those checks,don’t you have a debit card?

  22. LOLOL, second date? I haven’t had a nice enough first date. I’m getting dressed now to try to straighten out something that I don’t know how to fix. See…THIS is why I need a dude. That and the party thing.


  23. Yep…that did it.

  24. the difference is, cheese-heads live in Wisconsin. Not all towel-heads live in Iran. many eastern european women wear babuska’s, should we not refer to them as towel heads? 25 years ago, when a woman was having her period, we would say, “she was on the rag”. I worked in a restaurant for a female boss, who did not like the term rag for that reason. So she forbid us from using the phrase, “pass me one of those dish rags”, we were asked to say “hand me one of those towels”. So being the pigs that we are, from that day forward, a woman having her period was referred to as “being on the towel”.
    Now when I hear the term towel-head I have a very disgusting picture in my head.

  25. LMAO…I bet you do. And now, thanks to you, so will I.

    : )

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