Posted by: anniewilson | October 24, 2008

Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence on the set of Your Presence is Requested

Sorry to be late this morning but I didn’t get to bed until after 3 because I worked on that movie until really, really late. My job was strictly behind the cameras this time. Oddly enough, they treated me quite well as a technician. The assistant director told me to go to the catering table “before the extras” and that’s sort of how you can tell the status everyone. The earlier you get to eat, the more important you are. I never noticed that before, I was always in that last group.

I’m still not terribly sure what is was I was working on but I do know it was an ABCFamily movie called Your Presence is Requested. Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence were 2 of the main characters in the scenes that I worked on but there were a few other actors that I know, but as usual, I didn’t know they’re names. I’ve never seen anything with Melissa or Joey in it but I do remember my daughter having a childhood crush on Joey when she was watching Blossom.

I didn’t even know who he was, he looked like a member of the crew. His poor little head was shaved bald but you could see that the stubble around his ears was thicker than whatever you call it on a big bald head top. It seems to me that he’s a tad young to be so bald.

My job was to bandage a chick’s head with only her eyes showing and a few other parts of her body. She played Melissa’s sister and I don’t know what happened to her but she was pretty messed up! I had to cast her arm and do it right. I enjoyed that job.

I brought my roommate with me, she drove us there. I told her just to walk close to me and not to say a word and she could come watch the shoot. Everyone on the set pretty much knew who I was but since no one knew who she was, no one bothered her. There are too many different groups of people working for everyone to know who everyone else is. Anyway, she had a good time but she noticed that, “Making movies is boring.” Yep, it sure is, but I always enjoy it because you meet so many fun people.

I have videos that I took last night but I haven’t quite figured out how to download them from the camera. I will eventually and then I’ll show you a bunch of famous backs. For some reason, all I kept getting were backs. But, if you want to look at Joey Lawrence’s butt, you can do that. I got a close up of that when he bent over.

I never expected to stay that late. I bandaged the “patient” up and figured that was it. But they kept me around in case the bandages came off, I guess. So, I spent a lot of time going downstairs for more and more coffee as the night went longer and longer.

By the way, both Joey and Melissa, as well as the people who’s names I didn’t know, were all very nice. I didn’t see anyone acting all “Hollywood” like some of them do. Luckily, it’s the rare actor here that acts too uppity. But they are out there. Last night I only saw very pleasant actors, they all acted like normal human beings. There wasn’t the tiniest bit of fodder for TMZ or any other paparazzi. Just a bunch of nice young people and an older actor here or there.

Well, I would like to try to upload those videos and pictures. If anyone knows how to do that, feel free to tell me in the comments! I need to know how to get the videos from the camera uploaded to the PC. I have the cord but I don’t know what to use to open the stupid videos!

Update question: would it matter if the batteries in the camera were dead? I have it plugged into the usb port on the computer so the pic is on, but the batteries are dead. Help!

That camera is still sitting here!

OK, I got called back to the set:



  1. During the shoot Thursday night, you gave me a web address of flaggedforremoval that is yours but I’m unable to locate it. Please let me know if I wrote it down wrong. Thanks.

  2. No, you’ve gotten it right except you need spaces in between the words and to search Flagged For Removal, it’s not the url of the website, it’s the name of it.

    Here ya go:


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