Posted by: anniewilson | November 5, 2008

So, what’s the deal with pubic hair?

I didn’t wake up this morning thinking, “Oh! I must write about pubic hair today!” But, after reading a comment someone wrote after reading my post Pubes and Lubes, I couldn’t get pubic hair out of my mind.

I don’t want pubic hair stuck in my mind any more than I want it stuck in my throat so let me get this pube stuff off of my chest.

This is the comment that I received after I mentioned my own pubic hair:

“No Meg NO! It is all wrong!!! Organize a shave party with your next lover……It is a fun thing to do and mind blowing for both ADULT parties involved.OK, if you don’t want to shave clean, at least trim it low……Man Meg, hair down there is just yuck! Plus it gets in the way”

You know, I’ve been around for a long time and I can’t always keep up with all of the new styles. Heck, the pants that I’m wearing have elastic at the top! How can I be expected to keep up with the latest pubic hair fads? Even if I had the time, I wouldn’t know where to find out what the latest pube hair styles are. Is there a pube web site? Is there a magazine about how the in-crowd wear their pubes? Does Avon have a product for pubic hair? The last time I was in a hair salon, I looked at the style books and not one of them mentioned pubic hair. And none of the clients were in stirrups, they were all sitting straight up in the chairs.

And then there’s the “shave party” thing. Is that another fad that I’ve missed out on? Am I supposed to have scissors, a razor blade and shaving cream next to me when I get my hands on a guy? If so, please tell me because it would be AWFUL to think that my men friends come over here and look around for things like that. Can you imagine how foolish I feel?

I would hate to think that guys are creeping out when they realize that I actually have pubes. Of course, a horny dude isn’t going to run away from a piece of ass because they have encountered pubic hair so they would never say anything like, “Ick! PUBES!” Not one guy has ever asked me what was up with all the hair down there. Not that I have Rapunzel-like pubic hair…but I do have SOME.

And speaking of the “Shave Party”, I suppose it could be “fun” if you made it fun. I could send out invitations and serve hors d’oeuvre. But “mind blowing”? How would you make such a party mind blowing? The only way I could think of is to serve purple microdot or some other form of LSD. That would bring up 2 other problems. First of all, I don’t do chemicals and secondly I wouldn’t even know where to buy LSD. And the person who wrote the comment went out of their way to emphasize “ADULTS”. What if I wanted to do a totally immature guy? I seem to exclusively date immature guys. Could you ask one of THEM to a “Shave Party”?

I’m not familiar with the pubic styles that I have to choose from but apparently you can go “clean” or just get a “trim”. I’ve done the bald pussy thing before and let me tell you, there’s not much more uncomfortable than an early morning pussy shadow. Once those little fuckers start growing back they bug the heck out of a female. Nobody wants to date a person who is constantly itching their crotch…God knows what could be crawling around there. I would have to start shaving daily and besides brushing my teeth, there’s nothing at all that I want to do every single day.

So, that leaves me with a “trim”. And you know what happens when you start to trim things…it looks uneven and then you try to fix it and before you know it, you’re bald anyway.

I sort of think that I would rather have cornrolls. But most men probably don’t know how to do that. And of course, what guy is going to play with pussy hair for such a long time? You can call it a party if you want. But even if I served fava beans and a nice chianti I don’t know any guy who would want to spend that much time playing around down there without wanting to do more than twist pubic hairs into cornrolls. Braids, maybe. But I don’t have rubber bands small enough to secure pubic hair braids.

And it never occurred to me that my pubes were actually “in the way”. I usally date men strong enough to move that stuff. So far none of them have ever said, “Um…Meg…could you move some of that hair out of the way? I can’t seem to get my dick past it.” Of course, maybe the person who wrote the comment is a chick and she has so much hair down there that guys just get lost in her bush…but it hasn’t really been a problem for me.

Also, I bathe routinely so it’s not really a huge “YUCK” for me. But once again, who knows what sort of hygeine practices the comment chick has? I don’t even know how long you would have to go without showering for your pubic hair to get yucky…and…I don’t want to know.

On top of ALL of that…I hate shaving my legs and pits, I don’t want to add another plot to mow.

I am curious about something else too…do you have to have a party every single time you shave that sucker or is it a one time only thing? I do love a party and I like to come up with reasons to have parties but how many times would people want to come to a party celebrating the same thing?

I guess I’m a bit of a freak and I’m just going to have to get used to it. I don’t pluck my eyebrows and other women thought that was odd. Now I find out that I’m supposed to be shaving my pubes. Damn.

I was just getting my confidence back after my divorce and now I learn that my pubes aren’t supposed to be there. That’s one more stupid thing to worry about when I go out on a date. I don’t know how I can enjoy a man’s company for the entire evening while worrying about whether or not I should have shaved my pubes.

One more question…do the guys shave their pubes too? If so, my fuckbuddy is as freaky as I am. Maybe that’s why we get along so well, we’re just two yahoos with pubic hair.


  1. This Shave Party thing…is it like for swingers? Does it involve orgies? I never heard about this type of thing either.

  2. Cool. I was hoping that I wasn’t the only person out of the pubic loop.
    : )

  3. lol! I am out of the pube loop!! I don’t have any because I shave them off!!!

  4. Bad boy! OK, prove it. What state are you in? Do you shave your coin sack too?

  5. All bare!!

  6. anniewilson ur u shave ur pubic hairs..may b very interesting to know abt ur pussy sahve..

  7. LOL, why thank you. I decided to leave my pussy alone for the time being. If I meet a man who wants me to shave it before lunch, I’ll consider it.


    PLEASE! LEAVE THAT LUSCIOUS THING OF BEAUTY ALONE! (At least as far as the razor is concerned) You are a beautiful woman… don’t mess it up!
    I think it is a crime to do anything more than maybe trim it at most, and only then if you think you absolutely must. I know some women get all excited if they think they have any hair creeping out around the legs of their bikini or something. But that turns me on. Unless you have excessive amounts…… just wash it, fluff it up, and leave the razor alone. (I would love a pic of your lovely untouched pussy if you are inclined to share, from your pic here you appear most attractive…. I am certain your pussy is too)
    I really do not understand the whole shaving craze anyway. Personal preference is totally natural. There is not a more erotic image on the face of the earth as an attractive lady with legs spread and an untouched growth of hair eagerly awaiting my mouth and everything else I have to offer. Whether thin wispy growth or heavy, black, blond, brunette, red or what…. I even like a little gray sometimes…… whatever the good Lord gave you. Instant turn on. Also there is nothing more wonderful to the touch than to reach down and caress a nice fluffy pussy. If I go searching photos on the internet… I always look for sites that feature hairy girls. And not even the hairiest girl I ever pleasured with my mouth ever presented a problem, quite the contrary.
    On the opposite end of the scale is the stubbly pimply (cannot avoid the ugly little pimples) “morning pussy shadow” you referred to earlier. One of my lovers referred to a shaved pussy (or male pubic area qualifies as well) even when freshly shaved or waxed….as the “plucked poultry look!” An image hard to erase from your mind, and now that I have shared her comment, every time you see a shaved pube…. you will think chicken. YUK! Most unattractive, no individuality, no appeal and not to mention the abrasiveness akin to a mans razor burn when a stubbly man goes down on you with real enthusiasm. I made love to a woman once who was shaved just around the labia thinking she would have the best of both worlds. After a wonderful night of passion, I was hard pressed for a return engagement the next morning as I was so raw and sore from the abrasiveness. (my face too) I wear a beard to eliminate the same effect on my lover in reverse.
    If the word yuk were ever to be applied to the female genitalia…. it would have to be a shaved pussy. On an erotica scale of 1 to 10 …. a shaved one would owe points! No matter how attractive it was. (some are decidedly more attractive than others.)
    Anyway…. that is my take on the whole issue. Would love to see this thing of beauty we are discussing! : )

  9. LOLOLOL, well, I’m certainly glad that there are men (I assume you’re a guy) who like the pubes, as I said, I’ve decided to leave that bush alone. It pains me to say this but, I have no pussy pics. 😦

    How sad that you actually had stubble burn from something that’s supposed to be soft and inviting!

  10. Leave the pussy hairs alone girls

  11. I haev longed preferred women who do not shave. There is something wild and erotic about this and I haev no desire to be with a child. I haev a post — “in praise of hairy pussys” on my blog now. Enjoyed your post.

  12. Ooh…Wild And Erotic??? Can I put that on my Facebook page?

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