Posted by: anniewilson | November 19, 2008

Is he telling me the truth?

I received an email from a chick who’s hubby cheated. She said that she was “lucky” because now she has her husband back. He’s there right now doing everything he can to prove how sorry he is. He is doing all of the things that he should have done before he strayed outside of the marriage. He’s acting like the perfect husband. The wife wonders:

He tells me he is trying? Is he?
He tells me he loves me. Does he?
He tells me he will never do this again. Will he?

Is he trying? Yes, he really, really is. Does he love her? Yeah, he probably does. Will he do it again? You betcha. Next chance he gets.

There are two types of people in this world, honest people and dishonest people. Those who can live with the guilt of what they’ve done and those who cannot. There are people who would never, under any circumstances…cheat on their spouses. And there are those who would. They are absolutely sorry when they get caught. And they absolutely do everything that they can to make it up to you. They can even be very good for years and years on end. But there will come a time, when you least expect it and don’t see it coming that he (or she) will grab a roll in the hay because the opportunity presents itself at precisely the right time.

Then, when you do catch them, they can easily blame it on you because over the past few years, you haven’t been perfect. So now they’ll dig up every stupid little mistake that you’ve made and throw it in your face as the reason that they strayed. It’s YOUR fault…not theirs. A lifetime is a long time if you’re lucky and you can’t count on a cheater to stay honest for an entire lifetime if they couldn’t stick out 10 or 20 years without stepping outsides the boundary of the marriage.

Rick was always sorry when he cheated. So very sorry. I knew he meant it. I knew that he truly was sorry. But that didn’t change anything when he ran into someone else he wanted to screw at just the right time in our marriage. If she had come along two years before, he might not have done it. If she had come along two years later, he might not have done it. But the timing was just what it needed to be and he was the weak, dishonest coward that he has always been.

Should that make you sad? Should it make you feel like giving up? Hell no. It should make you glad that he’s someone else’s problem and that he will have to live the rest of his life with the knowledge that he gave away the love of his life because he couldn’t stick out the marriage in good times and in bad. You still have a chance to find someone who will grow old with you. Don’t stick with some loser who will probably only quit cheating when he suffers a paralysing stroke. And, you look like a heel if you leave him then.

Just get out now while he looks bad and you’ll be golden.



  1. You are correct, he will cheat again. Is he sorry because he cheated, no he is sorry he got caught. Monogamy is tough, but I know a couple that went through this, he cheated, they separated, he came back, they are living happily ever after.

    Personally I am not sure I could forgive or trust ever again. And why do women cheat? Hmmmm?

  2. Why do women cheat? The same reason men do. They see something they want and they go after it no matter who it hurts or what it costs. It IS just that simple if they don’t have the honor or courage to do the decent thing.

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