Posted by: anniewilson | November 27, 2008

Another Break Up Poem

Another chick’s poem that she wanted me to post. She

I should have known that sooner or later you’d make me sad
Because of the look in your eye when you sang Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad.
Somehow I saw love where there just wasn’t any
And he who looks behind doors has stood behind many.
Your jealousy for no reason should have been a red flag
But now that I get it, I’ve just packed my bag.
And no, I don’t have any proof of your dealings
But just for a change, I’ll trust my own feelings.
Keep listening to your mother, she’s always right
I hope that fact keeps you warm at night.
I’m just the “white trash” that mother can’t stand
But it’s mom who you cant find without a drink in her hand.
You seem to dislike me more with each passing day
I even asked and you answered that you wanted me to stay.
I just listened again to that Meat Loaf song
…I’ve only had ONE outta three all along.
I know that I loved you, that surely is true,
But I sure as hell don’t want or need you!

OK, I hope that’s alone the lines of what you wanted.

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