Posted by: anniewilson | November 30, 2008

Unexpected sex is great, isn’t it?

After a pretty damned long drought…I finally got laid Friday night. It was my fuckbuddy of course. It seems as though we’ve been missing each other for one reason or another lately and Friday we finally got it together. I must say, it was certainly worth the wait. There’s just something really nice about looking around and seeing a beautiful naked dude on top of you with a smile on his face. Sweet.

I still don’t get it but I sure am glad that he keeps coming. And before he leaves I always tell him to “Come again!” And he always does.

You know what? I was thinking about writing a poem instead of a post and I thought of a couple of rhymes that I thought would be cute but then I changed my mind and went with the usual prose sort of thing that I do. And now that I’ve done that, I’m sorry that I didn’t do the poem because I can’t work any of the cute stuff into this post without looking like a bitch unless I do it in a poem.

See, in a poem it’s just funny, in a paragraph it’s pretty bitchy. So, like the velvet hammer I can be…here is my, “I Finally Got Laid” poem:

I was just sitting there all alone
When all of a sudden I heard my phone.
I glanced over at the Caller ID
Expecting Saxby Chamblis to be calling me.
But much to my pleasure I was wrong
It was a guy who I’ve been screwing for oh, so long!
Anyway, long enough that he knows how to please
And of course I myself do time on my knees.
It’s nice to have someone who can spend more than a minute
Once they’ve gone through the trouble of getting it in it.
This is the guy who gets me all wet
Because from his nose, nipples and belly, he’s dripping with sweat.
I have to mention that he did have me befuddled
When he took me in his arms and we laid there and cuddled.
I was about to ask him if everything was fine
When all of a sudden he headed south for to dine.
It’s been a long time since my last orgasm
But this one made up for it all with one helluva spasm.
And it seemed as though it lasted for quite a long while
I had time to think about that, and react with a smile.
For 4 years I’ve had this same gorgeous fuckbuddy
A sweet sweet change from an old bald fuddyduddy.
I have no fricking idea how to end this silly thing
Except to say, I like to play with his dingaling!

OK then. Now I have to go act like a normal person. Wish me luck.

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