Posted by: anniewilson | December 4, 2008

One time only, I don’t like thinking about it

I promised that I would say something about my health so I’m going to do it quickly, leave and then sign on and write something else unless I can make chemo therapy sound funny. I suppose that I should consider that a challenge and just go for it…what the hell, we’ll see what happens.

My calcium levels are up again and that’s what they’ve been checking every 6 months since I had the surgery and radiation. Ain’t that a bitch? Naturally, they want to do more diagnostic tests and that makes me so annoyed because last time, the tumor NEVER showed up on any of a LOT of scans they took…EVER. In the end they did what a doctor in the 40’s would have done…they operated because “There HAS to be a tumor there, nothing else would cause all of these symptoms.”

If they knew that then, why did they even bother with nuclear medicine scans? And combine that knowledge with the fact that 100% of the scans they took before were WRONG…I kinda think I could do without the stupid MRI.

Unfortunately, I don’t control things in that area so I just have to do what the ridiculous rules call for. I’ll play the patient in a scam of cash from SOME source.

Damn…now the phone rang and I had to talk to someone, it was important. But it left me totally over this topic. I’m bored with it and I wanna go home.


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