Posted by: anniewilson | December 6, 2008

OJ must think we are ALL morons

Did you watch OJ’s sentencing yesterday? I did. I watched both OJ and his co-defendant, Clarence Stewart, make their statements to the court. All of the media types are concentrating on OJ and mentioning Stewart as an aside but I think that I am much more informed than are the people who simply hear about OJ. I learned more watching those 2 men stand up and make what had to be one of the more important speeches of their lives than I learned watching years of OJ coverage.

When you compare the speeches, OJ’s depravity is ever so much more apparent.

Mr. Stewart stood up like a man and accepted responsibility for his involvement in the bungled events of September 13th, 2007. He apologized and did not make one excuse during his entire statement. He just let us know a little bit about himself and he put his own behavior that night in perspective. It seems as though Stewart started the day running errands for friends and because of a crazy set of circumstances, he ended up somewhere he never set out to go…a hotel room with OJ Simpson and a bunch of other thugs, doing things that would end his life as he knew it. The man is a father to 4 decent young men and you can see why. They were raised by a man who could stand in a courtroom, knowing he was going away for years, and simply state that he did it, he’s sorry and he had no excuses. I like Mr. Stewart.

Then, even after hearing the humble statement made by the poor schmuck that he recruited into this absolutely half witted enterprise, OJ Simpson stood up and whined like a dishonest little 8 year old. He told the court how he was only retrieving his own stuff, how he had “forgiven” the victims, and how a ring was stolen from his daughter (with Nicole Brown) that had belonged to her mother. When I heard that last one, I wanted to puke. I would wager all that I own that his daughter would rather have had the ring stolen from her than her mother. OJ did say that he was sorry, but he wasn’t very specific when apologizing. It was more of a generalized and rehearsed “I’m sorry” than one of those, “Man, I’m so sorry that I was responsible for acting like a thug and putting so many lives at risk.” I don’t know what the heck he’s sorry for other than the fact that he is going to prison for a very long time. His entire statement was one big excuse for his behavior which he completely minimized. It wasn’t a crime, it was just OJ and some men who were there to let OJ “yell at them.” He actually implied that it was OK to hold people against their will so that he could yell at them. He absolutely admitted to the weakest of charges, kidnapping, with that stupid comment. Good bye appeal.

Fortunately, Lance Ito was NOT sitting on the bench that day. Rather, Judge Jackie Glass was there. And she is at least as smart and perceptive as am I. Her ruling was swift and based on common sense. She told the defendants very logically that, “You went to the room, and you took guns. You used force. You took property, whether it was yours or somebody else’s. And in this state, that amounts to robbery, with use of a deadly weapon.” Snap.

And if for one moment anyone thought that Simpson’s pre-sentencing statement was a genuine show of remorse, he proved his arrogant insincerity as the judge read his sentence, which was obviously going on the low end of the predictions. He made that, “Are you kidding bitch?” look that I’ve seen numerous times on the faces of my own children during times of their less mature behavior. And then, as he was being lead away in shackles…to prison…with other prisoners…including white supremacist gangs…and guards who like to show off their power…and things like cavity searches…and toilets in plain view…he smiled and made some stupid chest pounding “thumbs-up” type sign to an area off camera. I took that to mean, “Hey, I’m cool…these fools ain’t got me down. I’m still The Juice!”

It was pretty blatant and sickening…and extremely telling.

Later on I listened to the talking heads who said that this behavior was “classic OJ”. If that’s true then I cannot for the LIFE of me understand how he has gotten away with so much in his life. The only possible answer is that he surrounds himself with morons. No person with a triple digit IQ would fall for his whiny ass attitude…ever. And, if that was classic OJ then he NEEDS to be in jail. If he had EVER been forced to pay for ONE of his previous crimes, he may have learned his lesson in time to save his own miserable life and that of his children. If the justice system had done it’s job during his volatile marriage, Nicole and Ron Goldman would still be with their familes. But somehow, people have fallen for his childish, self-centered and arrogant self for so long that he feels quite entitled…to whatever he wants at the moment.

There is so much evidence to show what a spineless lowlife OJ Simpson is that it would take a couple of books to list it all. But that’s not necessary. The statement made by OJ, especially in such stark contrast to the statement of a real man, Clarance Stewart, is proof to all but the dimmest of fools that OJ Simpson is going exactly where he belongs.



  1. You did it, right to the point of stupidty and “I am still the Juice Man” fool.

  2. He is a totall asshole. I had a few things to say about this very thing in my latest post, too.

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