Posted by: anniewilson | December 7, 2008

Dear Abby misses the point, what a nit wit

Is it me or is Dear Abby an idiot? Her mother had the ability to read between the lines and she was an extremely perceptive woman. Well, so am I and I can tell you, she didn’t pass that talent on to her daughter. I don’t know why the younger Abby even has a column, what did she do to earn the stupid thing? I wonder if she has ever even been out there amongst the folk…she doesn’t seem to have a great deal of insight into what people are thinking or feeling, in my opinion. A man wrote to say that his lady friend had developed a close relationship with a guy she told him was gay. This is part of the letter:


“…I am a 35-year-old man, deeply and madly in love with a 36-year-old woman who has two kids. I’ll call her Whitney. We would both like our relationship to lead to marriage and more kids, but something — or rather someone — has put a damper on things. Whitney has been talking to this other man (who she thinks is gay) for quite some time. A few weeks ago, he finally asked her out…(at this point he goes into detail)…Does this look innocent to you? Can a gay man be attracted to a woman? And more important, can a woman be attracted to a gay man?…”

Then, “Abby” says:

“…Although you say you are not a controlling person, you appear to be insecure in your relationship with Whitney. For heaven’s sake, your lady friend has not tried to hide anything from you. She has told you she talks to this man, and how often, and what she has and has not told him. Even if she had a ring on her finger, she has a right to spend time with whomever she wishes…”

Now…first of all, with or without a ring…this man has the right to say that he is uncomforatble with his woman spending time with another man. If she doesn’t like it, she can leave. But he does have that right. I had the right to ask for a husband who didn’t ogle other women when I was standing right there. He knew that. It didn’t make me controlling, it made me uncomfortable when my husband gawked at other women when I was right next to him. Nothing more, nothing less. He didn’t have to marry me and this chick doesn’t have to date this guy…but if she IS going to date him and take his ass off of the market…she needs to put his feelings first occasionally.

I think I understand why a guy wouldn’t want his wife spending time with a guy who has asked her out. And…judging from what I’ve seen on television, they have to worry about other females as well nowadays. Anyone who wants to have sex with your better half shouldn’t be hanging around a whole helluva lot.

But, I think that’s the LEAST of this guy’s problems. I know what’s going on here and it has nothing to do with homosexuality at all. Much was made of the fact that the chick TOLD the guy everything so she was being open and upfront. It all sounds like a total fabrication to me. This guy isn’t any gayer than Blowjob Billy, our esteemed former president. The chick is taking semi-truths and manipulating the dickens out of this poor guy. He has no clue what he’s in for here. This is the type of situation that ends up with someone saying, “What hit me?”

She’s probably really, really good in the sack and therein lies your problem. The guy wants to protect his pussy and she is being pursued by another pussy wanter (male or female). And then, she can snow this guy with bullshit because she is so open. But what she’s open with is her own version of what she says happened. She can tease the guy and make him jealous with stories of this other guy who shows an interest in her. And then, she can tell her boyfriend all about it…proving her “open and up-front” attitude while making him squirm with jealousy. And what can he say? She’s being “honest” with him.

These are the kind of women who take husbands away from decent women and this is how they do it. The guy who wrote this letter is so smitten with her that he can’t see past all of her “honesty”.

Now, the bitch wants to be able to keep recieving all of this attention so she has to come up with some line to cover her trysts and she’s chosen a good one…he’s “gay”. And it worked, the guy is buying it. On top of ALL of that…he’s feeling guilty and writing to Dear Abby. And she’s no damn help, she smacks the poor dude down saying:

“…So calm down and let this play out. The “one thing” he may be looking for may be friendship, and it’s something that eventually you could offer him, too…”

So, it’s not bad enough that he has to let the skank hang with the other guy, he has to offer HIS friendship as well. Is this woman nuts?

Abby! Are you daft?!?!

I think someone needs to start a “Get a New Dear Abby” campaign…and soon. America cannot be without a Dear Abby. But this one has got to go. Somebody needs to help the poor schmucks who have lost thier love, who hate thier step-mothers or who don’t know how to hang a roll of toilet paper.


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