Posted by: anniewilson | December 12, 2008

Canadian Man Creates Robo-Wife

If I used a dildo I would keep that to myself. I sure as hell wouldn’t advertise that I had to build an entire man. But thanks to some nerd named Le, from Ontario Canada who has far too much time and disposable cash, we now have a robo-woman, “Devoted Aiko — “in her 20s” — ‘who’ has a stunning 32-23-33 figure, pretty face and shiny hair.”

The real men that I date might be confusing, and they might be less than perfect when it comes to physical attributes, but I think I’ll just deal with them and their annoying little quirks rather than build my own.

I must admit, the idea of creating the perfect man is one that can appeal to a woman…for a moment. Then you realize that if the dude was perfect, you wouldn’t EVER have an excuse to bitch. How long do you think a woman can go without bitching? That would sort of take all of the meaning out of our lives.

The freak from Ontario has shown us all what he thinks women are for when he says that, “She is always happy to clean the house for “husband” Le, help with his accounts or get him a drink….Aiko doesn’t need holidays, food or rest, and will work almost 24 hours a day. She is the perfect woman.”

His perfect woman doesn’t need a shred of intelligence, a sense of humor or the tiniest bit of self respect. I guess he had to build his own female when he found out that Angelina Jolie was taken.

Of course Le says his relationship with Aiko hasn’t become physical but “a few “tweaks” could turn her into a sexual partner. Le said: “Her software could be redesigned to simulate her having an orgasm.” I find it amazing that this man couldn’t find a real woman who would simulate orgasms for him.

So, if the perfect woman cooks, cleans and doesn’t require a gift once in a while, what do you suppose the perfect man would be like? I guess he would take out the trash, maintain automobiles and even do housework. He wouldn’t ever bitch when we wanted to go out or if we wanted to speak to an old boyfriend, and he would even be nice to our mothers. He would shut up when we told him to and he would come hither when we call for him. It’s starting to look like the perfect man is a wimp, isn’t it? I’ve had a couple of those and there’s nothing at all manly about them.

And the entire sex thing is pretty iffy…I can’t imagine having sex with a robot. But, I must say, the idea of creating a man who’s dick is on his chin is very intriguing indeed. If I had one of those I would be a better, more obedient wife than Aiko could ever be. But men with dicks on their chins don’t grow on trees so I’ll just keep on being myself for now.

The imperfect guy that I worried myself sick over yesterday called me last night and made me feel truly stupid for acting like I did all day. He didn’t do that on purpose, he just did it by acting like a normal person. I should have known better but, being an imperfect female, I guess I couldn’t help myself.

I hope that Le and Aiko will be happy together but I wonder about one potential problem…what does he do if he meets a real woman that he likes? Most women don’t like competition, even from a piece of machinery. Personally, I would have to push Aiko into the Grand Canyon or something equally destructive.

Now THERE’S a use for fake women…we can toss them off a cliff and avoid a death sentence. I couldn’t do that with my ex’s real whores…I just had to sit there and fantasize about torturing those wenches. I would almost enjoy a bitch that I could smack the hell out of over and over again.

If I ever run into Le and Aiko, I think I might just kick her in her 23 inch waist, smack her pretty face and pull out a hunk of her shiny hair…just to be a bitch.


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