Posted by: anniewilson | December 18, 2008

Nasty Grace Fans…tell me what you really think!

Ordinarily I would spout off and forget about what I had written  by the end of the day. But you nuts won’t allow it. So, just for you, here’s a Nancy Grace Cult Member Poll for you to take part in:

Do you really believe that the Anthony’s deserve what they’ve been through?



  1. Your blog isn’t upsetting as far as what you have said about Grace. I am not a fan of hers. I agree with her at times and sometimes I disagree. I don’t like when she is rude to her guests. The thing that bothers me more that is the way you “talk” in your blogs. You come across as a rude person. I guess when it comes to people, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt but I am not and never have been the type to call people names. You are calling people who respond to your blog as nuts. That is not very nice. Mature, nice adults address others with respect. We are all entitled to our opinions. If someone comes back at you and calls you a name, or threatens you, then that is wrong. But to voice an opinion about what you wrote and then get slammed because they didn’t agree with you, sounds a lot like the woman you are not so fond of. I treat people the way I like to be treated, and expect the same in return. That is all.

  2. I may be rude but I’m not a hypocrite nor do I sell tragedy. I never claimed to be a nice person. This is what it is, just like Grace’s show. I doubt there will be any suicides attached to my name.

    I haven’t abused one person going through a personal tragedy and if Grace were to experience one, I wouldn’t bother her either. It would be nice if she showed that respect to others.


  4. No, I don’t think the Anthony’s deserve what they have been through. Most especially Caylee.
    I realize the family has not been forthcoming with information…and I know that is wrong…however as a mother I also understand why…No matter what wrong your child has done you cannot just stop loving them. The instint to protect them doesn’t just go away. Casey didn’t protect her child because something is not right with her…
    I think George and Cindy are devastated by the loss of their precious Caylee..and they are terrified for their daughter.
    At this point I don’t think there is anything they can do to stop the wheels of justice from turning. And even though I do believe that Casey deserves punishment…I understand that her family is hurting, scared and grieving and I for onedo not wish to cause or add to their pain and suffering.
    I offer my prayers and deepest sympathy to the entire Anthony family.

  5. I “weighed in” on my thoughts about Nancy Grace in your blog titled “Nasty Grace” yesterday. My feelings about her and her show remain the same.

  6. Although Nancy may appear to be rude at times. I think she has done a great job keeping everyone informed about this case. I have seen her take up for the Anthony’ when I would not have.

  7. WOW Someone is speaking out about how Nancy Graces attitude, I think she is thee most rudest person On TV. She is obsessed over This Casey being put to death when yet we don’t even know If that is Caylee. More then likely it is but still ,Nancy Slams anyone who don’t say what she want to hear. “Tough Sh*t”! Not everyone feels as she does.

    Just My Opinion

  8. Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better.

  9. But don’t you understand the motive of the show? She’s PLAYING prosecutor in a pretend trial…no matter what the show is focusing on. The other ‘guest’ attorneys and experts on her show are doing the same. Haven’t you seen them laughing when she interrupts them and gets angry? It’s all SCHTICK to get the audience to watch.

    Does Nancy Grace need the schtick? NO. I really enjoyed it when Mike Brooks guest hosted for her, even more than Jane Velez and the other gal. Their camera presence proves that the show will be watched without the theatrics.

    But there are Nancy Grace fans, who love the theatrics, so the show is what it is. Is it tabloidistic? Yeah, it is. But you cannot blame Nancy Grace for the death of a woman who has most likely murdered her child (and probably accidentally). The woman was pretty much caught, the jig was up and she couldn’t take it. She would have killed herself regardless of any television show. She couldn’t live with WHAT SHE DID TO HER CHILD. Not because Nancy Grace outed her.

    Casey Anthony sure isn’t in any rush to commit suicide in angst over the loss of her daughter or because she’s been vilified in the press.

    When someone wants to die, there is very little you can do to stop it, and when they kill themselves, THEY did it.

    But that doesn’t mean that television personalities don’t have a responsibility to be careful journalists also.

  10. I feel that Nancy Grace could have a good show if it was not so one sided. It is either what she wants to hear , or her guest are shut off. I feel if you are going to ask a question to someone then you should let them answer, If they start to say something she dont like or what she thinks they should say she will talk over them and belittle them, this is not a fair show. I feel if she would let both sides of the story hit the airways, then we as viewers can decide for ourselves. I do feel Casey did this and her mother is trying to help her now, but Nancy needs to let us decide for ourselves, when we can hear the whole story not just what she says. My husband makes me go to the bedroom to watch her show, because he hates her because of the above. I wish we had another news show to tell us the whole story.Maybe one day her producers will realize what the people really want and give us someone that will do that. I feel when you belittle someone to the point there is a suicide, then it is time to step back and let someone else do the job.

  11. Journalists, yes. And I’m quite sure that if her “pretend trial” had a presiding judge, she would be overruled constantly but you’re right about the guests, they DO seems to laugh at her. Oh, I never implied Casey didn’t deserve the scrutiny, I was referring to George and Cindy.

    Oh, Annette is also right…AND she has a wise hubby.

  12. I’m amused every time I hear some one praise her for “staying on top of the Caylee Anthony case”…Awww isn’t that sweet of her? DUH 😆
    Now I am not saying she doesn’t really care about what happened to Caylee…but that is NOT the only reason she covers the story night after night.
    If she decided to stop covering the story and move on to something else…but someone else was covering the story on another channel…Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what would happen….it would be bu bye Nancy.

  13. Nancy Grace has been a victim of violent crime herself, and has no sympathy for the perpatrators of such crimes. It is a TV show people!!! TV is all about ratings too, so yes there is a certain amount theatrics involved. I think she is a great person who puts her heart and soul into her show, yes she can be rough on her guests at times but everyone knows how she is and obviously do not take it personally, (the laughing). As to whether the Ant’s deserve what they are going through?! Thats the best question you could come up with? I don’t know why I’m wasting my time responding to you, maybe I am a “nut”!!

  14. It IS a TV show, I made that point in my post. And I never once defended Casey, just her parents who may be deluded by their daughter. They are also victims. Anyone who cared at all about Caylee would also care about the people she adored…her grandparents.

    I would defend them before I EVER defended the ratings hungry woman who even uses her OWN children to manipulate her audience.

    Read the entire post before you made yourself look foolish by defending Grace.

  15. Nancy Grace is not a victim, her fiance was the victim! If she is considered the victim then why
    doesn’t she understand how Caylee’s grandparents are also victims. Nancy Grace victimizes her
    twins by exploiting them all over the TV, like there has never been a child born before. She could be
    putting them in danger. She does this while little Caylee’s bones are also being shown? Most all
    of us have or have had children and we think they are the cutest, but Nancy Grace is putting them in
    the TV tabloid for her own benefit. Those twins could care less. Sad, Sad, Sad!

  16. Hi, I am not the same Annette from above ( great name though) but I do agree with you. When Nancy first came on the air I could not miss her show, but I rarely watch it now. She is mean spirited and has horrible manners. Of course there is complete drama going on there. That is why people are drawn to it. Her guests are paid or at least allowed to be on her ( their 15 minutes/ exposure) show. Personally, I think she is making all of us southerns look bad, because we are known for our manners. BUT the thing that really bugs me about her is that she is a former prosecutor, knows the law ( which is why I was drawn to her in the first place) and yet she has people tried and convicted and on death row before a body is ever found or someone has even been read their Miranda rights.
    Those people that allow her to talk to them that way are doing it for their own careers or else they would not put up with her behavior. I am 55 years young. I have always wanted to be an attorney, but chose another path in life. Now that I could I think well I am too old, but I really wouldn’t want to do it as a career. I just want to be in a position to help people receive good counsel despite the financial situation they may be in. We have all seen celebrities buy their way out of everything. That is not justice, and everytime it happens a MURDERER is left on the streets, but if a jury didn’t find them guilty , oh well sucks for society. The state had it’s chance. I would tell people that if I could go to law school and then intern with Nancy Grace I would die a happy woman (shallow?) I do not feel that way anymore. Nancy you are too smart to always try to find someone guilty before they have been tried. These cases cannot be tried in the court of public opinion. It is not law.
    Don’t even get me started about her children. She comes off as such a phony then. I mean I don’t doubt she is a good mom, but Nancy everyone doesn’t do it your way. We didn’t all come out of great homes that were nurturing and kind , but all the more reason you should exercise caution when dealing with people. Emotions are fragile when a loveone is lost or murdered. Where is your compassion? I probably grew up as hard as anyone, but you can teach yourself good manners. We have all heard the golden rule. How hard is that? I do not feel that the tv is the venue to show the family album. Also when she seems symaphetic to people( and I think she is sometimes) she comes off as a phony. I have no doubt that she went through a horrific ordeal with her fiancee’, and that is a great launching point for what she does, but it is all in the delivery. I think most of the time the good that could come from it is lost in the message. Families do go through hell when these things happen and they think they are going on air to get exposure to find their love one ( and that does happen), but more often than not I think they leave the show with a feeling of being exploited. I sure thought Elizabeth was a sharp little ccokie; she dodged everyone of Nancy’s torpedoes. You know the few times I have seen her husband he seems like a nice man , but I guess we will never know. No, I think it is about Nancy’s twins. Finally, I have heard it said that a good attorney never ask a question that he/she doesn’t already know the answer to…and I think this is the case with Nancy because she is very smart, but Nancy for the sake of us “lay people” when you ask a person a question give them a chance to answer. We may want to hear their answer to enlighten us ( you know maybe gain some knowledge we didn’t have). One final thought. I really don’t care what Casey Anthony is buying in jail. However, if she needs feminine products I am certainly glad she is being able to
    obtain them and I am certain all those other folks in the jail would concur. I mean I’m just saying……………………Gees, get a grip!

  17. To kristifromKC………….you are probably right, but we are dealing with real people here, real raw emotions. Everyone has a breaking point. You take someone off the street that has never been in the public eye because they are trying to find a lost family member and put them on that show and then they hear the reprecutions of having been there………….bad formula. Most of us live an obscure life and prefer that way.

  18. Yeah, the one good thing is the exposure for the missing. I’m so glad that there are people who agree with me…I don’t feel like such a meanie anymore.


  19. I dont think you are mean but I dont think that Nancy is selling tragedy either. You have to remember that the Anthonys are going through all of this because of Casey, if she killed Caylee, or whoever did. Misdirected anger and finger pointing.
    Also, I am not a cult member but I am a fan of Nancys. Sometimes she gets carried away and she is disrespectful and it drives me crazy but she asks the hard questions too and I like that.

  20. Excellent comment. ITA.

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