Posted by: anniewilson | December 18, 2008

Repeat to put this post back in search engines

I’ve run into a lot of rude guys and I’ve let a lot of red flags go unheeded. But I just learned about a man who’s name is actually Thomas Badman. Now, that would, at the very least, put me on a higher asshole alert than would a guy named Jack Goodman. But some poor chick didn’t see that huge red flag waving right in her face and she ended up being strangled into unconsciousness and left with 12 stitches and multiple bodily injuries. Allegedly, Tom Badman did it to her.

You can find Badman where all Bad Men belong, in the Cobb County Adult Detention Center in Marietta, Georgia. He’ll be coming up for arraignment on January 30th of next year on 2 charges of battery and one felony count of aggravated assault. He must be one helluva bad man because after multiple court appearances, he is still being held without bond for a beating that he allegedly delivered to a WOMAN last February.

It seems as though he had assaulted the same woman earlier but when she didn’t show up for the court date, he felt empowered to go and allegedly beat the shit out of her for calling the cops in the first place. I can’t figure out who the bigger idiot is in this story.

Thomas Badman is one nasty Scaramouch. In case you were never as curious as I was to look that word up after Queen sang it in Bohemian Rhapsody, it means “cowardly buffoon”. In my humble opinion, Thomas Atwood Badman is a Scaramouch of epic proportions.

Ladies, I can understand how easily some red flags can be missed. Especially by those of us with lesser self esteems. But listen to me and pay close attention…if a guy’s fricking NAME is BADMAN…do yourself a favor and go find a harmless bum to date.



  1. Ms. Wilson,
    I find your comments shallow, rude, and offensive. My last name is Badman. I am married to a great man named Lee Badman. I have 3 children, all with the last name Badman, including my son Thomas. They are great kids and will be great adults. I find your attack on a alleged abuser bizarre because of your blame on his name as if this somehow is a sign of his moral failings. Actions make the man not someone’s namesake. Blog responsibly Annie Bananie with a big a big fat fanny.

  2. LOLOLOL…lighten up chick.

  3. All i can say i would be very careful telling what your cop friend is telling you. since everything he learned is to be confidential

  4. No, it’s all information that anyone could get by calling the jail. Try it.

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