Posted by: anniewilson | December 28, 2008

Hey CNN, When you point one finger at us, you point a few more at yourselves

Some people think of CNN as being an extremely biased network. Others accuse Fox of putting the occasional thumb on the scales when balancing the news as well. People who watch one or the other are quite loyal to their “news channels” and many of them, if not most of them, cannot see the bias of those with whom they agree. And as the scales of fairness seem to tip back and forth on both sides, neither side can claim total objectivity in their reporting of the news.

Any liberal can watch Fox and see the bias. And few conservatives could miss the blatant manipulation that CNN uses in it’s efforts to sway the pliable audience members to their way of thinking. Even something as innocuous as referring to our President as “Mr. Bush”, while referring to Obama as “President-Elect” in the same story, has an impact. But can a liberal see what CNN does to manipulate their way of thinking? And could a good conservative see the obvious right-sided bias during Fox’s reporting of the political landscape?

That’s the trick…seeing the bias in those with whom you agree. If you lacking the critical thinking skills to pick up on that, then CNN and Fox already have you. But if you’d like to take a little lesson in critical thinking, stop listening to your own preferred news source for a while and listen to the evil people on the opposite side. Perhaps if you see people contorting the news one way, you’ll be better able to notice the contortion of your own favorite talking heads.

And speaking of those talking heads, what CNN anchor person was seen this past week at a local night spot, rather full of the “holiday spirits”? I’ll give you a hint…the chick attached to the boobs that he so “graciously” commented on is young enough to be his very young daughter. Lucky for him, she’s not my daughter, I don’t take too kindly to old men who ogle my daughter from a distance, I sure won’t sit back and let it go unmentioned if the old man actually acts out his primal instinct to speak to my daughter’s boobs. So, since the mother of the young lady in question is out of state and unaware of what the creepy old CNN dude did to her daughter, I will stand in for her and be the bitch whom, with any luck at all, that young lady will learn to be…in time.

So, here’s to you CNN…but I have a suggestion. You need to contact Ms. Ironbox on the Family Guy show and send your anchors to her “female sensitivity training program”.

By the way, I don’t want anyone to think that I am being biased in my own personal reporting. It just so happens that I live very close to the CNN, TNT and TBS corporate headquarters. Those are the jack asses that I would run into. If Bill O’Reilly pinched my ass, I’d be all over that like white on Michael Jackson. But, I’m here in Atlanta so what can I say? I meet people from Turner’s operations all the time.

As a matter of fact, I’m working on a story about one of the people behind the cameras over there. Of course, I may very well be biased in my reporting, but I learned it from watching CNN.



  1. Is Israel a victim or a bully?? ….the world is divided..

    make your voice heard…..

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