Posted by: anniewilson | January 6, 2009

Jeez, these politicians are stubborn asses.

I would wager all that I own that Illinois’ allegedly criminal governor is sitting in a corner, laughing uncontrollably, as he is allowed to make a mockery of our entire system of governance. Odd isn’t it? When these yahoo’s DO make a name for themselves, it’s almost always because of some corrupt thing in their past or some current violation of the rules, ethics or law.

As one last “Fuck you!” to the powers that be, Blogojevich apparently chose one of his own to elevate to the US Senate. Nice one…he’s aware of the selfish nature of any elected official. Who would turn such an appointment down? Besides someone with a touch of class, that is. Any smart person wouldn’t want to be mentioned at all in connection with Blogojevich. Maybe Burris didn’t pay for the seat with cash and perhaps he didn’t pay for it with favors. But he will surely pay for it in one way or another. Armed with his permission slip signed by a corrupt governor, Burris is asking for his “rightful” place in the Senate. I think he’ll pay for that with his entire political future. His acceptance of Blogovechik’s offer shows enough bad taste in itself…res ipsa loquitur.

People in Illinois don’t really mind the corrupt guys so much as they do the idiots who get caught. And Blogojovech was caught red-handed while he knew he was under investigation. What a total nimrod. He can’t lead such a fine state as Illinois…I remember Illinois politics from my days campaigning for my parents. You can sell a job, but you really should avoid being taped discussing it. A smart con-man is as good of a leader as is any smart “not con-man”. As long as you do what you do well, no one really minds what the heck you’re doing up there in the ruling class. Governor Ryan went to jail because of stupid people. His legal problems were so bad at the time that an unrelated dude with the same name didn’t have a chance of winning a totally different election. In Chicago, it’s tough to find a large group of people that doesn’t have a Ryan in it. But no Ryan will be elected anytime soon because of what one Ryan did. Interesting, isn’t it?

Luckily, there aren’t a whole lot of Blogojevich’s so there probably won’t be a lot of future fall out. But, God forbid some distant cousin with that name should run for an Illinois office within the next few hundred years. I think that this name will be remembered for a long, long time. First of all, it’ll be remembered as belonging to the dumbest political crony whose steps have darkened the sidewalks of Springfield and secondly, it’ll be remembered as the name no one could spell or say properly without a few practices attempts. If you CAN say that word properly, and then, deny that you had to practice saying it before you could pronounce it right…I have a County Supervisor’s position for you out in DuPage.

The reason we all loved the first Mayor Daly wasn’t because he had clean hands, he didn’t. He pretty much invented the word “graft” and no one minded. There were two reasons that we didn’t…First, his fancy juggling of politics still got the job done, we just paid his friends to do it. He had to choose someone and as he so famously implied, “Of course I give the jobs to my friends, wouldn’t you do the same thing?” Quite the honest type of crooked politician, ‘ey? The other reason is that he wasn’t dumb enough to get caught so blatantly while doing stupid shit. Maybe if we had satellites that could do what they do now, he might have been caught. But I pretty much doubt it. After all, how could your own brother-in-law rat on you after you’ve appointed him Chief of Police?

I find it ironic that as Burris tries so hard to get into the Senate for today’s swearing in ceremony, a yahoo named Al Franken has enough class to back away until his opponent either concedes or gets a recount to go his way. I would have thought Franken would have been a bit more selfish than that but it looks like I would have been wrong. I still think he’s a jack ass and that he looks like the perfect buffoon. I don’t know how in the hell he got as far as he did. Nobody can ask Illinois why they keep electing crooks until Minnesota explains why they elect so many professional wrestlers and clowns that turn tail and run when things don’t go their way on Saturday Night Live.



  1. All I can think regarding the abysmal state of congress and politics in general, are a couple of terms we used when I was in the military. FUBAR and CLUSTERF***! What is happening to America? Get off your apathetic Conservative asses and get loud and ugly like the Libs do for attention. If you don’t we’ll all be living in Idaho.


  2. LOLOLOL…FUBAR, I love it. They used it in Saving Private Ryan, I think. Yeah, it’s as good a word as any. I can’t do Idaho, it’s too close to my ex in Montana.

    It’s ALL Fubar!

  3. Blagojevich is gonna get away with it. Just watch. He didn’t do anything wrong. I am kinda pulling for the goofy-hair idiot.

  4. You know what? I don’t care one way or the other. At least I’m not living on the banks of some river in India that has a dam flooding my house.


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