Posted by: anniewilson | January 7, 2009

Yes Virginia, there IS stupid stuff going on.

I think, therefore I have to say something. I can’t just sit back and watch the peons without pointing out stupid stuff once in a while. Some CNN dude is being considered for Surgeon General and if Wolf Blitzer gets anywhere near the Oval Office, I’m outta here. Why do I think that Oprah will be in charge of some committee on weight loss a la JFK’s Council on Youth Fitness? I think that America is about ready to accept a thin version of the daytime diva. We got past the black president thing, I imagine we could handle a thin Oprah.

If I hear Obama’s people complain about “distractions” one more time, I’m going to lose my mind. It’ll simply ooze out of my ear after I hear this sentence again, “The Obama people have said that they don’t like the distractions and they want to get to what’s really going on.” Duh…stupid shit IS going on…haven’t they noticed that? Some nit wit chick senator is angry at Obama for running his cabinet without her “guidance”. How stupid is that? Then you have a political scandal in Illinois that necessarily will taint Obama to some degree even though politically scandalous behavior in Illinois is like amniotic fluid…all of the politicians from Illinois gestate in it. I don’t mind, I can’t imagine that it would bother most people. But, that’s some more stupid shit that needs to be kicked to the side and if Obama would say out loud what everyone knows about Illinois politics…that it is what it is and that people like Obama, who grew up in that state, are going to be dripping wet when they step out of the cesspool, I bet we could get past it. I think we CAN handle the truth.

Henry Hyde was a friend of my mother’s and he became one of the “evil conservatives” because of an affair that he had 40 years before. Only an ex-wife has the right to be angry for so long. His interactions with my mom in the 70’s, while I was only 16 years old, could technically affect me if someone wanted to be an ass about it. So far, no one has bothered with me but you never know when that will happen. I can predict one thing, if it does happen it’ll happen a month after someone says something good about me. The media loves to raise people up and fill them with a sense of self-importance…but only because they love to snatch that feeling back again. I picture them as the bully’s in eighth grade. Those hideous creatures had to have gone somewhere. I’ve heard that Christiane Amanpour is a bully and a bit of a bitch, even with her proper British accent. I’d like to know what people like her wouldn’t do for a story. Over the years, I’m sure it hasn’t always been pretty but no one cares. I certainly don’t. You could say that I’m a bit of a bitch myself and you’d be right but if we kept that clown BJ Billy as president, I think we can give Obama a chance. He seems to be well intentioned if nothing else. I think we can leave Illinois right where it is and those people will figure it out. They always do, even if it leads to long prison terms for most of the top players.

Blah, blah, blah.

Who has time for this stuff? Personalities and ego’s have time for it, that’s who. That the Illinois governor could even find a person willing to take his pass into the United States Senate is amazing in itself. Then, when Mr. Burris Got To Washington, he was slapped gently and most likely by some lowly staff person rather than Harry Reid himself. Did he really expect to get into that House? He couldn’t have, no one is that stupid. Or are they?

Through all of the chatter that we’ve heard from the cable news outlets, I did hear one impressive statement. Apparently Obama is going to work to end ear-marks. I really hope he does. That one feat alone would be quite a presidential accomplishment. But look back at Illinois…don’t actually GO there, just look at it. Like I said about racists in the South, people don’t just speak out so foolishly unless they feel quite comfortable in their own circles. As bad as that governor may be, he felt comfortable enough in his corruption to discuss it openly. That’s pretty telling, doncha think? I imagine that’s because there are so many personalities and ego’s out there. I don’t know how you get them to vote to ban ear-marks unless you name the bill after one of them and you can’t put 100 senators on a piece of legislation. So, if you have nothing else to give them, like political gains for the people back home, they have no reason to vote with you. This could get interesting to watch.

Of course, there is that “distraction” going on in Illinois but I wouldn’t worry too much about that, after all, the planet it supposed to blow up at some point, and then no one will care if Illinois had another corrupt governor. Considering everything, I think we’re lucky to find a president who’s at least smart enough to know what to say to garner votes. He knows what the people want, that’s a good start. Now he just has to navigate his way through a political world that can be rather suffocating. And if some Gupta guy from CNN will put on a uniform even though he’s never been in the military, you know personalities and ego’s have long ago replaced common sense.

But we do have a country who we consider our ally that is currently only bombing another country for 21 hours a day so that they can give people 3 hours to run away. I guess it makes sense, almost as much sense as does a “supply corridor to move humanitarian aide” to the people they just finished bombing.

It’s a mixed up world we’re living in. The only thing we can count on right now is that fact that personalities and ego’s need to be stroked to some degree. If that requires payment, just name your currency and your price. We all have one…but not all of us would put on a uniform to prove it.


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