Posted by: anniewilson | February 1, 2009

No one can bring John back now

If senseless killings keep on happening, we’ll give the government all the reason that it needs to take away our guns. On Januray 12th, John was shot down by a gun that fell out of it’s holster. John was totally exposed at the time of the shooting (the dropping?) and obviously not expecting a bullet to crash through and rip his insides apart. The shooting has been ruled an accident and no charges have been filed. But John is still gone.

The police have said that the gun itself AND the holster were somehow to blame for the accident as if they walked themselves up to John and just exploded. That’s so offensive that it’s an insult to John. In Centerville Utah, a memorial was held Friday at the Carl’s Jr restaurant where John worked from the day the restaurant opened until the day he was gunned down in the men’s room.

For some reason, people aren’t taking this seriously at all. The best that I can figure is it’s the location and circumstances. Apparently the gun toting guest had walked up to John, unzipped his pants and was pulling them back up when the gun went off. No one knows exactly what happened while his pants were down, the cops are playing that one close to the vest. It’s a little funny, I admit. But it’s still going to be hard for John’s co-workers to go without him. There ARE other victims besides John…everyone who walks into the men’s room in that restaurant can see the damage done by the single bullet that discharged as the gun hit the floor. Once the cosmetics are repaired, people will probably still think, “Where’s John?” as they walk into the men’s room. But none of this makes it funny enough to be totally dismissed and that’s what the authorities seem to be doing in Utah.

I have a theory that it was one of Centerville’s own policemen who caused John to go down for the last time. They wouldn’t SAY it was a cop, they didn’t SAY anything about the person with the pants around his knees, wearing a holster and looking up when the bullet was fired. If it wasn’t a cop, they would have arrested the person for SOMETHING, anything. That’s what they do. And who else wears holsters? Goodfellas? Nope…cops. Anyway, at the risk of drawing the wrath of the authorities in Utah, I’m going to speak about the day that John’s life was flushed away back on January 12th.

First of all, as I said, if it wasn’t a cop, they would have either arrested him or said something along the lines of, “Charges may be pending.” Even if they don’t arrest a person, they will mess with them a little bit. Next is the fact that we DON’T know this guy’s name. They know who he is yet no one is talking. There’s never been a clear explanation of what the guy was doing in that men’s room…and you can ask all day long, you won’t get an answer to that question. Was he undercover? Was this some sort of a perverted sex act gone hideously awry? And finally, it the shooter wasn’t a cop, he would almost be proud of himself now that he knows he can still carry firearms in fast food places which frightens me because my grandkids hang out in such establishments. Add to all f that the fact that a young boy was seen running from the men’s room with his hand over his mouth and nose. How long did John lay there wounded? Is it possible that someone could have saved him? We’ll never know because the cops aren’t talking. They have no reasonable explanation the nasty smell emanating from the men’s room after the shooting.

People in Utah truly give themselves away for the heartless creatures they are with comments like this one, spoken by deliveryman Doug Graham-“I thought it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I got a kick out of it.”

He sounds like a helluva fun guy, doesn’t he? Apparently a lot of people are laughing right out loud when they hear the story behind John’s death. So, naturally no one is even THINKING about the fact that a cop could be responsible for the loss of John. Oh well, I’ve done what I could, it’s up to the citizens of Utah to act next.

I hope they DO complain to the police department. If for nothing else, I hope that John finally gets the respect he deserves after so many years of faithful service. He was always there when men walked into the men’s room and he always flushed with the flushing power of a proud, stoic toilet. He took pride in his work, something your ordinary Johnny Blue Boy doesn’t have.

John is gone and, “He was survived by the men’s urinal and wash sink.” The next time you go to the bathroom, please, please, bow your head down just a bit and pay attention to YOUR toilet. Oh, and for John, if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie!

Read more about John’s story here:,2933,486304,00.html


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