Posted by: anniewilson | February 9, 2009

Rod Stewart Screws My Kid At The Beverly Hilton

I discovered music back in the 70’s. I started off with Donny Osmond and quickly worked my way to Rod Stewart. By the end of the 70’s, I was a HUGE fan of Rod’s music and I forgot all about Donny. I never thought much of Rod or his looks, he certainly wasn’t as pretty as Donny Osmond. But, I really, really enjoyed the music. He was one of very few rock and roll stars to make it through disco without looking too stupid. Now that he’s begun singing really old song’s, I feel like we’ve made it through most of life and all that’s left is for him to do is to lay down and die.

If I had known that he would cause so much trouble, I never would have listened to Maggie May twice. How was I to know that he would get my DAUGHTER in so much trouble decades later? As a teenager, I really didn’t think much about having kids. I spent a good bit of time and effort trying to avoid having them. But, have those kids, I did. And now that I have had them, I’d like to take back all my years of being a Rod Stewart fan. OK…can we do that?

My daughter did something that I’ve never been able to do IN MY LIFE! I’ve worked with famous people AND I’ve been written up at work, but so far, none of my write-ups have been about famous people. My daughter, on the other hand, can brag that she was written up at work for annoying Rod Stewart. I’m not sure if she actually DID bug the aged rocker, but she certainly was given an A for her effort.

Apparently, if you really want to bug Rod Stewart, all you have to do is walk into a huge room with him and pick up a dish. That seems like a very important piece of information to have so I thought that I would let the rest of you know. If you see Rod Stewart in a room full of dirty dishes…walk away quickly. To do otherwise is to risk an immediate suspension from work with huge cuts in pay. I wouldn’t have ever thought that was an option when I saw the dirty dish. (My first instinct would have been to pick up the dish as well so maybe it’s my fault. I raised her to be too neat.) Maybe it’s a British thing.

I wonder if famous people realize the effect that they have on relative idiots out there in the world? I wonder if they realize that the first word from them gets people fired? Do you suppose they realize how stupid people are? The yahoo who made the decision to write up my daughter is one those “can’t think outside the box” management people that most rock stars sang about when Rod was younger.

I believe you can now call Rod Stewart part of the “establishment”. The establishment was the enemy in the 60’s and you knew who they were because they were over 25. That was pretty cut and dry, until the kids grew up. Now the people who bitched about the establishment have pretty much established themselves in positions of authority and that was specifically what we were trying to avoid. I guess that’ll happen after you turn 25. Take flabby belly’s, receding hairlines and office politics…mix it all in with some ego problems and you end up with Rod Stewart’s name on your write up.

I wonder if he knows that people are losing jobs over him…ya think? If I were Rod Stewart, I wouldn’t want to be in any one’s personnel file. That’s rarely a good story and never a happy one. Usually, happy people are not those with supervisory responsibilities. Very few people tell nice stories in those files. Personnel files aren’t supposed to be nice stories…they don’t even have forms for nice stuff. They have forms for saying bad stuff so when someone feels the need to fill out a form, they will grab one and fill it out as soon as they decide to do so.

My daughter never would have gotten written up for that Rod Stewart thing if some idiot wasn’t looking for something to write her up over. They never would have found something that was so lame to be form-worthy. Only when something is either really annoying or done by someone you have targeted would anyone ever think of ever bringing out a form. You just don’t see many forms in the course of a day. If you do, you spend far too much time in front of paperwork. And, if you spend all day with paperwork, you will lose your perspective and start filling out forms over stupid stuff and Rod Stewart’s name happens to be attached to stupid stuff right now. And it’s all attached to my daughter’s personnel file.

Let’s see, 2 days pay? That wouldn’t buy Rod’s first round of drinks but it would make a huge difference in my daughter’s monthly budget. All because someone at my daughter’s place of employment has decided to fuck with her. Oh well, these things will happen. And…sooner or later the idiot who made the decision to write up my daughter over Rod Stewart will fart really loudly.

I’m on that, by the way.

UPDATE: My daughter lost her job shortly after this incident. Thanks Rods…you’re a peach. I can’t comment further because of pending litigation.



  1. Do Ya Think He’s an Idiot? I do. Hope your daughter makes out ok.

  2. I’ll let you know!



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