Posted by: anniewilson | February 16, 2009

Beverly Hilton and sexual harassment

The Beverly Hilton has been the home of the Golden Globes for years. I don’t mind because I’m not one of those wacky liberal stars that professes to be better than the rest of us when it comes to being politically correct. One of those nuts actually took credit for the Civil Rights Movement on behalf of Hollywood. That’s nothing new…those egomaniacs are known to be rather full of themselves.

But ordinarily, they try to make it look like their doing something that is morally AND politically better than anything the rest of us could do. They save the world, baby seals and Ethiopians. They stand a little taller than the rest of us because they own a hybrid car (Tom Hanks), or they accept nutty science, (Michael Moore) or they are simply the spokesperson for The Network for Good, (Kevin Bacon). I don’t know what The Network for Good does but it HAS to be good…it’s in the name. That’s all very sweet.

But when it’s time to act like Hollywood stars, they go right into a mode that requires them to spend as much money as is humanly possible simply primping. And then, of course, they have the annual hand job ceremonies at the usual places…where the biggest story is usually who was the worst dressed.

So, why should they mind that the Beverly Hilton is run by serious republicans? They might as well just wear fur coats to the award ceremony. 5 companies (HBO included) have their after-parties at the hotel every year. These smug, holier than thou brats stand on top of the Beverly Hilton and look down, believing that their adoring public is looking back at them with stars in their eyes. I’ve been on top of the Beverly Hilton, I prefer the Signature Room in the John Hancock Building.

Anyway, apparently politics don’t matter when you’re trying to spend as much money as is humanly possible. And, I guess it makes sense that the liberal Hollywood elite would go to such a republican stronghold to drop millions of dollars in one night.

Arnold’s home away from home, the Governator visits whenever he’s in town. That’s fine, he told everyone his party affiliation. But the hypocritical liberals of Hollywood continue to drop more money into republican owned companies than they ever donate to liberal causes. It looks as though they aren’t really all that liberal, they’re equal opportunity donors. It’s just that to give a republican money, you spend it at their business. To give it to a liberal, you donate to a cause. They have all of their bases covered, don’t they? The republicans eventually make a lot of money and then they can afford to challenge the democrats who have been bankrolled by admirers.

I guess it’s always possible that the stars HAVE to go to the Hilton or the employees there will tell all of their dirty secrets. Not many employees could deny seeing John Edwards when he came to visit his mistress and her baby on a regular basis. They might even tell what happened at the Hilton before Chris Brown and Rhianna left. But most of them are pretty good at keeping secrets. I still can’t believe no one ever found out that a kitchen at the Beverly Hilton was shut down by the health department. I’ve never seen a McDonald’s shut down…I can’t believe the Hilton couldn’t keep vermin out long enough to be inspected. I guess there’s a lot of secrets in Hollywood.

It seems as though you must learn to keep secrets very well when you work at the Hilton on Wilshire. Especially if that secret is about a male co-worker and it involves sexual harassment. As a matter of fact, now that I know what one of the highest chef does with all of the female help, I don’t think I ever want to eat there again.

People wondered how John Edwards could be so stupid as to get caught having an affair. Hell, they ALL do it. I’ve learned one thing that’s as sure as death and taxes. If there’s a piece of ass in the air, MOST people will go for it. They just don’t think of the consequences. It’s stupid, arrogant and hideously selfish…but then again, so was my ex. So, if the bosses are sleeping with the women, how can they blame the kitchen help for pinching their asses? Apparently…they don’t, no matter how many complaints are filed.


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