Posted by: anniewilson | February 18, 2009

Laundry or Murder?

Guess what? I decided to do something that I’ve never done before and I HAD to tell someone so I’m telling you. I haven’t really felt much like going out lately so I’ve spent a lot of time at home. Hanging out at home is cheap, relaxing and comfortable. But, I don’t meet many people here by myself. Men don’t show up at my door no matter how long I wait.

One day last week, I was a bit more bored than usual and I wanted someone to talk to so I did it the lazy way. I went on Craigslist and read the “Men Seeking Women” ads. At my age, pickens are mighty slim. Men my age are there looking for women half my age and young guys looking for older women, while I understand the appeal, are a waste of my time and considerable talents.

So, I had to read for a while before I finally found one that looked acceptable. We exchanged a few emails and in one of them he asked me a few questions and my age was one of them. I told him that I would tell him my age but that it would be a lie and since I don’t lie, I couldn’t tell him how old I was. He was cool with that. (Then I did something stupid, I mentioned the Cuban Missile Crisis. That was a LONG fricking time ago and only old people remember being around then.)

Anyway, he sent me his yahoo ID which is useless because there’s only one person who I ever communicate with that way…a very good old friend back in Chicago. When I speak to him we’re on webcam so I know that he’s not juggling me with 8 other chicks. I have his complete and undivided attention. Other than that one very good friend, I never yahoo with anyone because I hate the thought of being juggled with a bunch of other chicks. I was a tad unnerved when he sent me that ID, but then he gave me his number and never brought up the yahoo thing again.

So, after an appropriate number of emails (I guess it was enough, I’m not really sure but it felt right!), he sent me his phone number and I called him. That was Monday night. We spoke for the longest time and it was a lovely conversation. We made plans to meet this weekend and hung up. Then, when he got home from work yesterday, he called me because he had spent the day “thinking about our conversation”. Apparently, he didn’t want to wait all week to speak to me again. I figure either he’s smitten or he wants to strangle me and dump my body on the side of some back hills Georgia road. I’ll let you know which.

Anyway, we did have fun talking and who knows…maybe he’ll turn out to be a normal guy and not a serial rapist. You never know…stranger things have happened.

You know what I like about this guy? He’s one of those guys who fixes stuff. That’s the kind of guy I want because I break stuff. He does heating and air conditioning and that’s good because I don’t go under my house and that’s where the furnace is. It needs to have the filter changed and he said that he would change it. I told him that I didn’t even know what size for him to get and he mentioned that he had a truck full of them. That was so easy that I mentioned my dryer.

Last week, my dryer’s heating element went out. I think that’s the problem, anyway. So, Craigslist dude offered to come over and fix it for me! I’m gonna let him. I have a bedroom full of panties, wash clothes and jeans on hangers hanging all over the place. That’s the only way to dry the stuff and I have to do that because I can’t stand dirty laundry.

Anyway, he’s coming by today when he finishes work so with any luck at all, my dryer will be fixed by nightfall. Or, I’ll be under the house with a slit throat. Don’t you just love the suspense?

You know, if that guy does strangle me, this will be an ominous, freaky post…won’t it?

Basically, what I wanted to say was that I actually think this guy is a nice guy. Of course, I could be wrong, Lord knows I was wrong with Rick. WAAAAY WRONG! This guy has opinions and a working knowledge of grammar. Rick was rather short on those 2 concepts. I thought he was just a quiet guy…he was, but not because he was mysterious or anything like that. There simply wasn’t anything in his head and from what I’ve heard, there still isn’t anything up there. Of course, men with IQ’s over 48 can be just as evil as those with IQ’s under 48…but at least you don’t feel stupid for being involved with an obvious moron. Of course, even a moron is better than a serial rapist…but I like to live life on the edge.

And besides…who’s to say that you can’t meet normal men online? Some people have been pretty lucky in that department. Not me of course, but I’ve heard about people who found love on the net.

This is one of the more exciting things to happen to me lately.

So, I’m having a rather upbeat kind of day. I’m looking forward to meeting Craigslist dude because I perceive the unmistakable signs of a guy who is somewhat smitten. Now, all I have to do is refrain from doing anything really stupid.

Tune in later to see if he gets my dryer working. Ooh…wouldn’t it be cool if he did electrical work and carpentry? OMG! I just remembered…men do yardwork! Whoa…this could be really good!


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  1. I’m Nigel Tomm and your story is amazing!

  2. Annie – it was a pleasure knowing you. Guys that are good with tools just do a better job of chopping up the body.

    Plus, you told him where you live!!! There’s no turning back now. Hold your cell phone and type in the 9 and 1… with your thumb ready to hit the last 1. That might be enough to keep you alive.

    On the other hand, if he is not a lunatic, you might have found a nice guy. wouldn’t that be great?

    Eh…who am I kidding? I just hope it is quick and painless. (Like how I have sex). Good luck!

  3. LOLOL…I think I’ll be fine. I’m nowhere near as stupid as I pretend to be. I pity the fool who trys to mess with me.


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